Sea of people at Dumka witnessed The Power of Jesus

A 3-day Prayer Festival was conducted by Jesus Calls Ministry at Dumka, Jharkhand, from 26-28 of January, 2018. It was a glorious start to this new year, for the people of Jharkand. God’s anointed, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran shared the mighty word of God and invoked God’s abundant blessing on the state of Jharkhand. The results have been history making. Hundreds of thousands of people flocked the arena, to listen to God’s promises and to receive their miracles. The Holy Spirit moved and works within the ministry, to revive and lead The Dhinakarans to be where God wants them to be; joining Him on mission, to cities, nation and around the world. Thus fulfilling what God put in their hearts: No Soul to be Lost!

Dumka is the administrative headquarters of Dumka District and Santhal Pargana region in the state of Jharkand. The meetings were exciting and anointing. And    were conducted at Koda Kochi, where people flocked 2 hrs prior to the start of the meeting. We were privileged to have Mrs. Louis Marandi, Minister for Tribal Welfare, Child & Women development, Govt. of Jharkhand, Mr. Stephen Marandi MLA, Mr. Vijay Hansak, MP, Mr. Nalin Soren MLA for the Prayer Festival.

Dr. Paul specially prayed for the rulers and authorities of the state. That God’s protection must be upon them and that God may bless the work of their hands. The organizing committee did a fantastic job. Well-managed, were the events for both the morning and evening sessions. The Committee included: Most Rev. Bajel Murmu; Moderator, NELC church and Organizing Chairman, Rt. Rev. Bishop Jeyaraj Marc; Gen. Convener & member, Jharkhand State minorities commission, Mr. Solomon John;Co-Chairman, Dr. Promodini Hansdak;Treasurer. Vice Chairpersons; Mrs. Joyce Besra, Mrs. Suhasini Marandi, Jt. Conveners, Rt. Rev. Bishop Arfan John and Rev. John Soren. The morning sessions, had the inaugural ceremony of the 104th prayer tower and the following day was the partner’s meet.

Genuine godly worship includes admiration of God, honoring the Holy Spirit and proclamation of His greatness. Only, constant-walking with God makes us sensitive to know how to make people have an encounter with the Holy Spirit. The praise and worship that was led by the students of Karunya University, led the gathering to enjoy the presence of God with soul stirring music. After thanking the Organizers, local pastors and the crew, Dr. Paul and Sis. Evangeline shared the word of God and the people received it with gladness. All the three days, Dr. Paul and Sis. Evangeline prayed for the sick, the suffering, and the spiritually hungry. Prayers were also offered for impartation of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The message was all about “Special blessings for all, from God”, emphasizing God’s love for mankind. God’s plan is to prosper each and every person. There was a deep spiritual time of prayer and growing intimacy with God.

Huge crowds and remarkable testimonies of people healed, marked the 3 days of Jesus Calls, Prayer Festival. In addition to the multitudes who attended the event, many more throughout the nation watched as the services were broadcast live on Facebook. The meetings were also, aired live on Sathyam and Sadhana TV channels.

God in His great love and compassion enabled Jesus Calls ministry, to open the 104th Prayer Tower for the blessings of people in Dumka, Jarkhand. The prayer tower was dedicated to the glory of God in the presence of Respected Dr. Paul, Sis Evangeline and Honorable Ex CM Stephen Marrandi, Rev. Bajel  Murmu, moderator of NELC Church. Also present for the inaugural ceremony were Rt. Rev. Bishop Jeyaraj Marc, Rt. Rev. Bishop Arfan John and Rev. Eleazer Toppo, of the CNI and our dear partners and well wishers.

The highlight of each service was “Name Calling”. Wherein, Dr. Paul prompted by God, called out the names of the people, specifically addressing the problem that he/she was going through. There was an overwhelming response to this and people walked up the platform to testify God’s work in their lives.

God showed Dr. Paul a name, Naomi. She testified that she had a severe throat problem with a burning sensation while swallowing food. So she couldn't eat well. Also she suffered from a heart ailment. When Dr. Paul prayed," Jesus is healing your throat and chest related problems", she claimed her healing right then! Following day, she had her meals, well without any pain and also had no complains of a heartache. All Glory to God for His Mighty wonders!

In his early days of graduation he was addicted to drinking and many filthy habits. He was always involved with his friends and didn't care much about his family. His family would often ask him to read God's word but he would never listen. In 2003, his mother convinced him to attend a Prayer Festival, in Kanpur. There in prayer, God revealed his name to Dr. Paul and he said, "Nikhil, you're about to run from God. But God is having compassion on you". This left him, convicted and he repented and surrendered his life to Jesus. The Lord had also revealed that He will give him academic success. After finishing his B.Sc he completed his MBA and also did LLB and is pursuing LLM as well. All glory to God!

Prompted by God, Dr. Paul called out a name Lily. For the past 5 years, she suffered from a nerve disorder, because of which she couldn't lift her right arm. She walked in the arena with lot of pain in her right shoulder. Today, she's completely healed of the pain. Lily is happy as she received the touch of Jesus and there's no more pain whatsoever. All Praise to God!

Pr. Austin is from Nigeria and lives in Ranchi. While he was praying, he asked God," what do you have in store for me?" and he heard God say, “a double portion". Also, he had been praying for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for quite a long time. He testified,that when Sis. Evangeline was praying the previous day, that "God is pouring out His spirit on a servant of God, who's present here". He received the anointing right then. And as Dr. Paul shared about the" double portion of honor", he claimed this blessing too. He indeed, got a double portion of Blessing.What a mighty God we serve!!

Martha had a severe pain in her spinal cord for the past 4 years. She didn't tell anyone about her pain, just prayed to Jesus for her healing. The previous day, while watching the meeting on the television she received partial healing. She attended the meeting in the ground and received complete healing. Now she can bend without any trouble. Praise The Lord!

Here is a remarkable testimony of Gaurav: In the year 2015, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma - blood cancer. The doctors recommended for an immediate treatment. He and his family were shattered as they faced financial crunch. They visited the hospital in Vellore and started with the chemotherapy. Still no positive results. Later on, doctors advised them to go for bone marrow transplant. But he held on to the promise verse of Malachi 4:2, which he got in his YPP verse. His health was deteriorating. But in the year 2017, February, when he had gone for a checkup, the doctors were shocked to see him healed. He testifies, that at the airport, when Sharon Paul Dhinakaran, prayed for him, saying, " Your infected tissues are being burnt up", he felt he's healed. Right there, he claimed his healing and today, he is hale and hearty.God gave him a new life!All praise to God Almighty!!

Babita Singh and her husband Anil Singh were facing many troubles and hardships in their life. In the midst of that, her husband met with an accident in which he lost his memory and went into a coma. The doctors said that he will never come out of coma. During those days she used to watch Jesus Calls TV programs regularly. She immediately called the Prayer Tower and the Prayer Warrior prayed with burden and her husband who was in coma for 72 hours, regained consciousness! Also they used to live in a rented house. They sowed the seed of faith for the Bangalore Prayer Tower and God blessed them with Rs 35 lakh apartment and 2 plots of land. Praise God!

All over the state all that echoed was, “Jesus is real”. Not tens or hundreds but thousands of them testimonies, overflowed all the three days of the prayer festival. The lame walked, the brokenhearted were consoled, and lives were transformed. All those who received the touch of God, were ecstatic and made their way to the platform and testified the wonder of God. At the end of the service, people wept tears of joy and thanking Jesus, for His healing touch. Not one returned empty handed, each and every person was blessed in some or the other way. All praise and glory to God Almighty!
Event Date: Friday, January 26, 2018

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