The Chennai New Year Blessing Meeting was a great blessing to the thousands who gathered; claiming the promise of God and thanking Him for this New Year 2018. The Blessing meeting was held on the third consecutive day of the blessing meet that was held at Thiruvallur and Vellore. God strengthened the Dhinakarans and the entire team of Jesus Calls ministry to tirelessly go places and proclaim the Good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Chennai Blessing Meeting which was held at St. George’s School Ground, Chennai, brought great blessing and deliverance to the thousands who gathered. 

Sam Paul Dhinakaran led the gathering to feel the presence of God, through Praise and worship. God is using Samuel mightily to establish His Kingdom in the hearts of young people. Sam took part in this meeting right after he ministered in a U-Turn Blessing meet held at Ranchi. Just as the Lord filled the youth of Ranchi, He was merciful to fill the young people of Chennai with His Holy Spirit as Sam encouraged them to sing along and thank the Lord for the New Year 2018. 

Sister Stella Dhinakaran prayed for the Lords’ blessing to come upon His children and for His protection to be with them throughout the year 2018.  Bishop Ezra Sargunam, Bishop Sunder Singh, Bishop Francis, Rev. Finny Joseph, Bishop Dhaiyananthan, and several other ministers of God unanimously cut the New Year cake, pronouncing this year to be the year of crowning glory. They shared the cake with one another to celebrate the Love of Jesus Christ. 

Bishop Ezra Sargunam was invited to inaugurate the publishing of the book written in compilation of the authors Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Stella Dhinakaran. The first copy of the published book “Magizhchaiyana Kudumba Vazzhvu” (‘living as a happy family’) was presented to Mr. Jayakumar Daniel, President of Jesus Calls Ministries and the second copy to Dr. P. Mannar Jahawar, Vice Chancellor of Karunya University.   

The people were tremendously blessed as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran shared the promise of God to the thousands of people who eagerly came to seek the presence of God. God spoke to each and every individual about His plans of goodness which is about to manifest in their lives, this New Year. After Dr. Paul elaborated the promise of the Year “year of crowning Glory”, Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran led the gathering in prayer to inherit the crown of Blessing. 

Hundreds of people received miracles and saw visions of Christ. Many received the gift of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The thousands who participated returned to their home with a great joy and peace that abode their hearts.   
Kamala and Benedict are both teachers. Due to their frequent job transfer, they made a mistake of aborting their second child. When they decided to have another child, they weren't able to succeed. Kamala was frustrated as she was not able to conceive in seven years. The doctors reported that she had developed uterine fibroids and that she will never be able to conceive without effective treatment. She watched the Jesus Calls TV program "Prarthanai Neram", praying in tears for a miracle. She felt the healing touch of the Lord as I uttered what the Holy Spirit prompted me. "Do not worry about your future and don’t brood over your past. The Lord's healing touch is coming upon your womb." She anchored her faith in the Lord by enrolling to the Jesus Calls-Child Anticipation Plan and was miraculously conceived within a month's time. Her testimony greatly ignited the faith of the thousands who gathered.

The Lord blessed the womb of Rebecca. She eagerly walked to the stage with her husband and child, to testify the miracle she received from our Lord. Being barren for more than two years, Rebecca prayed to the Lord to gift her with a child. The Lord promised to fulfill her heart's desire at a Jesus Calls Prophetical Conference. She praised God on stage for the adorable child, which she is blessed with.
Event Date: Sunday, January 7, 2018

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