On February 20, 2018 a thanksgiving meeting was held to commemorate 10 years, since the passing of our beloved Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran in Chennai. An anointed and a humble man of God, Brother DGS Dhinakaran is still remembered fondly by his family, the Jesus Calls fraternity and by every individual who’s life God changed through him. Every time he stood up to preach, he would be filled with compassion and cry to the Lord to wipe the tears of the people. 

After his passing, the mantle carried by Bro. DGS Dhinakaran was passed onto Dr. Paul by God through a heavenly visitation. As he cried for 23 days after our beloved brother went to be with the Lord, the Lord comforted him by saying, “My son, your father is no more. Till now you heard My voice and received My directions through him. But from now on, I will be a father to you. I will speak to you Myself. I will direct you for all the assignments that I have in store for you.”

It was a beautiful ceremony as well-wishers close to that family also paid homage to late Bro. DGS Dhinakaran. We are indebted for all that he has done and achieved in his lifetime. He ran his race and fought the good fight. It is out of his obedience that institutions like Jesus Calls, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences and SEESHA have been established, flourished and are fulfilling their mission.

Indeed, “The remembrance of the righteous is a blessing” (Proverbs 10:7).

During these past 10 years Dr. Paul has completed all that the Lord showed him including: establishing 120 Prayer Towers, Delhi Prayer Tower, Israel Prayer Tower, preached and prayed for millions, prophesied God’s plan to nations, kings, people and languages, trained thousands to serve the Lord, supported other Ministries to build 100s of churches. He also established SEESHA and through them we are continuously serving 150,000 poor children and youth, serving the sick through hospitals, transformation centers, Disability & Spastic therapy Centers, disaster relief, scholarships to poor for higher education, poor widows and women rehabilitation. Karunya was expanded to 3 more Schools. 

We are grateful to God for the commitment and hard work of the Dhinakaran family towards accomplishing God’s purpose for the lost souls. Indeed, as one family we are looking forward to the next level where God is preparing to take us. 
Event Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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