The Meeting was organised on the 13th of October 2019 at Karunya. After the opening prayer, the Karunyans lead the gathering in praise and worship. The presence of God was apparent. Nearly thousands of people from all over India took part in the Special Blessing Meeting and were blessed indeed.

The ones who received a touch from the Lord in the previous meetings and in the IGNITE Karunya meet testified and glorified the Lord through their life changing testimonies, thereby inspiring the gathering. They also mentioned the important role of the Bethesda Vision Center and Karunya in their transformation.

Sister Glory took the stage and wonderfully took the gathering on a virtual tour in and around Bethesda; making people yearn to visit the spot.

Vice Chancellor of Karunya briefly explained the salient features of Karunya. He likewise told that alongside making engineers, Karunya instructs morals to its pupils and that makes the University the right choice for the future generations indeed. 

Dr. Shilpa Dhinakaran shared a small message and affirmed that it’s God’s grace that sustains us all the way. 

Samuel Dhinakaran joined the elders and pastors and prayed fervently for the prayer oil and blessed it.

As Samuel Dhinakaran lead everyone in prayer, the volunteers with the prayer oil laid their hands upon everyone, applied the oil and commanded God’s blessings upon them. He shared the word of God from Genesis 41: 52 that says,  “God has made me fruitful”. He encouraged the gathering to hold on to the word “fruitful” and promised that God is all capable of making us fruitful! He went about reiterating the life of Jacob and assured that God shall find you, encircle you, He shall instruct and keep you as the apple of His eye. Samuel Dhinakaran encouraged the gathering through a couple of spiritually empowering testimonies and prayed earnestly for every need of the ones gathered, to be met. The mightiness of the Lord reigned supreme and everyone felt it indeed.

The ones experienced miracles in the meeting came forward with great joy and shared their testimony for the glory of the Lord!     

Samuel Dhinakaran and Dr. Shilpa Dhinakaran prayed individually for the people in need and everyone went back abundantly blessed!

Praising God for His enduring mercies.


Event Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019

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