The Bible tells us, “In the last days, God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams’ ” ( Acts 2:17).

Jesus Calls Ministry conducted a 3-day Prophetic Prayer Conference in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, from February 14-16, 2018. Dr. Paul outlined the mission of the conference stating that, ‘everyone has to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit’. He shared a unique revelation on the Gift of Prophecy which he had not shared in any other prophetic conferences; lifting each one into the presence of the Lord to be transformed by His Spirit. He led the attendees into a time of prayer to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit; particularly the gift of prophecy. Grace overflowed and miracles followed too. 

The following session was presided over by Mrs. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran, who shared a powerful message from Psalm 89:15 about ‘the people who know the joyful sound and who walk in the light of His countenance’, citing the life of Jeremiah- the prophet and Moses- the man of God. She candidly proclaimed how the Lord met her and transformed her, from being a shy, timid person to a person filled with boldness through the Holy Spirit. When she led in prayer, many received a fresh anointing.

God used the team members and the anointing sessions were packed with God’s power. As the team gave invitation for ministry involvement, many committed themselves to serve the Lord as JC Ambassadors. Also, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed for all the delegates individually.

About 2540 people from over 13 different States registered for this conference with much thirst and expectation. One could witness the fulfillment of Acts 2:17 when the young delegates received the Holy Spirit and shouted with immense joy. All the participants left with a great passion to serve as God’s servants in their hometowns, preparing the world for the secret coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many stepped forward and testified about the divine touch and the miracles that they received:

Ghodke Vishwas was faithful to God and was doing very well in his job. He unexpectedly fell sick with a high fever that persisted for over a month. He became too weak and was unable to walk. Then the doctors realized that he has Lymphoma cancer which is in its 4th stage and that he would stay alive only a few days. Vishwas cried bitterly and pleaded the doctors to save him from dying; at least for the sake of his little children. But the doctors said that it is hard for him to get through his 2nd Chemotherapy while he had to go through 8 of it. During that time, he heard God’s voice and survived cancer. After a couple of years, he had a similar fever which gripped his heart with fear. He attended a Jesus Calls prayer festival held at Ahmedabad, where God enabled Dr. Paul to call out his name and comfort him. Now Vishwas is a minister of God, leading a congregation of 750 believers. Praise be to God!

Nitesh had severe anxiety and was tormented by the fear of death. Evil thoughts flashed his mind time to time and he was worried that he would lose his mind, due to which he hasn’t gone to the college for a long time. During the first day of the Aurangabad Prophetic Prayer Conference, God revealed to Dr. Paul; Nitesh’s name and the issue he was facing. He felt an immense peace filling his soul, right then. He testified gladly that our Lord delivered him from the fear of death and negative thoughts that afflicted him. Praise be to God!

God's presence was strong and He filled His children with His Holy Spirit: Alka attended this meeting for the first time. For 15 years, she has been praying for her husband; that he resumes his job. As Dr. Paul was praying, God showed her name, and he spoke what the Holy Spirit told, 'Your husband is having a problem, related to job. God says, "Your family will be united and will be prosperous. God's strengthening power is on your husband. God is giving you a new life. Enjoy the blessings of your family and be a mighty prayer warrior" '. She was filled with joy as her name was called out and she walked up the platform to testify. All Glory to God!

Rajesh had been experiencing tough times; lost his mother at an early age, faced rejections at every stage of his life. This made him to go into depression and get caught up in the sinful acts; he was shattered to the extent of committing suicide. Since, he had no place to stay, he often went to his friends place; where again he was rejected by his family members. At this juncture, someone introduced him to Jesus Calls TV program. As he was watching it, moved by the Holy Spirit, Dr. Paul spoke, “Has your teacher deserted you, has your boss kicked you out? Rajesh you’re in such a situation, don’t end your life. God cares for you and Jesus will build a beautiful life for you”. That very moment, he received the Holy Spirit and his life has never been the same. He was blessed with a job. In 2011, he got married but he didn’t have the blessing of the children. His wife lost 2 kids and there was no hope for her to conceive. While watching the TV program, as Sis. Evangeline was praying for childless couple, they claimed the blessing. They enrolled the unborn child in the YPP. In the year 2015, they were blessed with a beautiful boy child. Today, they are living a happy life. All Praise to Lord Jesus Christ!

Event Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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