There was no further news from the people who had expressed their liking towards her daughter. Suppressing her burden over this disappointment, Roselyn poured out her heart to God as she went about doing her chores. “Why is my beautiful daughter who earns handsomely, not getting a suitable match?” – This question intensified as days went by. Unlike her, Kumar, her husband, who never had the habit of sharing his worries with God, threw harsh words at her.

To the question, ‘What kind of a life partner do you expect?’ Ruby would reply, “I’d marry whoever my parents choose for me.

” “If you keep rejecting all the alliances, alliances would stop coming altogether. You have to make a compromise.”

“We told you that you’d suffer if you give much education to a girl child. But you didn’t listen to us. You made her study M.E. Now you find it hard to get a suitable partner for her.”

This was what all her relatives said and these words pricked them.

They had rejected only one alliance because they came to know that the boy was an alcoholic. In all the other case, it was the groom’s side that gave some excuse or the other. Whenever such accusations and reproach were thrown at her, Roselyn shed her tears at the feet of The Lord.

“You have a lot of friends and relatives but is anyone helping us to find a partner for our daughter? Nobody would help you! You are a waste!” Her husband’s cruel words broke her heart and she cried for hours. After pouring her heart to God, peace filled her heart and a seed of faith cropped up.

She prayed, “I will not cry any more, Lord. Surely You would do a miracle. I have handed over this responsibility to You. You take care of this matter. Thank You for the peace You’ve given me.”

In the evening, her daughter came home from work and joyfully announced that she had got a promotion with a hike of Rs. 30,000. She handed a box of sweets to her mother. But Roselyn could not swallow the sweet as she thought to herself – “Already many alliances have rejected her for the reason that she is earning a lot. Now she’s getting more salary.” Her heart became very heavy. Yet, determined to not lose the peace she had gained that morning, she kissed her daughter and congratulated her.

The next morning Roselyn got a call from her college mate, Sasikala. They spoke for a while and Sasikala said, “I got your phone number from Deepa. I was in Dubai and so could not contact anyone. I am looking for a girl for my son. Last week I came to my mother’s house and she told me that she had seen your daughter Ruby. I’ll send my son’s bio-data and you also send me your daughter’s details. Let the will of God be done.”

Roselyn rejoiced over the fact that God had led them to a boy that was godly, handsome and earning Rs. 4 lakhs in Dubai. When she feared whether they would accept her daughter or not, the same divine peace filled her heart once again. That same day they sent a word saying that they liked Ruby very much.

“Since we are in Dubai, we don’t need any material goods or dowry. We don’t need jewels too.” They proved this in action too. The wedding took place in a grand manner, much to everyone’s amazement. Roselyn on the other hand, rejoiced in her heart thinking that the tears she had shed in the presence of The Lord had not gone in vain.

“Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy” (Psalm 126:5).