The Esther Prayer Ministry is a divine ministry of comforting and consoling prayer ministry similar to a mother's love, as mentioned is Isaiah 66:13. This Esther Prayer ministry is surely a ministry through which the Lord comforts and consoles the hearts like mine that are broken and contrite by the pain and trials of this world and He helps them arise for Him.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I would be writing about the birth and growth of this prayer ministry in 7 sections. We are publishing the first section in this magazine. Read and be benefitted. My dear sister! Commit yourselves to fulfil this ministry.

In the year 1986, our beloved daughter Angel completed her 12th std and was about to join college. Those were the happy days when myself and Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, as parents were eagerly awaiting the day.

It was at this time, the Lord was revealing to Brother Dhinakaran about the matters regarding the opening of the Karunya Educational Institution, in accordance to His will. Specially we were taking various efforts to meet the financial needs towards the construction works. When almost all the banks refused help, we found a slim chance with one bank.of the Holy Spirit, we were comforted a little and could manage to exist. We could do the Lord’s ministry too with His strength and help.

So we set out to go to the headquarters of that bank and get their help. It was then, our beloved daughter Angel who had completed her schooling just then, strove with us till 11 p.m. that night to convince us to take her with us. The next morning we headed towards the airport at 5.30 a.m. Brother Dhinakaran had spent the whole of the previous day in fasting and prayer for the bank matters to be accomplished successfully. Even on that day too, we woke up early in the morning and we left after praying again. As the car was speeding, I saw my husband sitting with closed eyes and praying reverentially. Then, I looked at my beloved daughter who was sitting by the window and some how I felt a kind of sorrow in my heart. She too looked at me. I never knew that it would be the last look when we exchanged.In the next moment, the accident happened which broke our heart and body. We languished in tears, having lost our beloved daughter. With the strength of the Holy Spirit, we were comforted a little and could manage to exist. We could do the Lord’s ministry too with His strength and help.

It was at this juncture the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me in the year 1988. Even then I was in a heartbroken state. One day when I was travelling by car,the Lord Jesus Christ told me, “Daughter! Look there! Those two women are filled with the pleasures of the world and are enjoying chitchatting, wasting their time. There is not an iota of godly thoughts about Me in them. What are you going to do for such women?” I was shaken. 

Not knowing what to do further, we, as nearly 10 sisters who were godly and had the desire to pray, started praying. Initially we asked the Holy Spirit to guide us. When we thus became filled with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit Himself gave in our tongues several prayer points for the welfare of women and we were filled with a divine joy.

Only then we decided to commit each of us, the women, for the Lord, to become holy and pleasing to the Lord and gather as groups to pray for other women’s burden. That was how the Esther Prayer Group ministry was started on March 31, 1988 in the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in Chennai. Till now the Holy Spirit is leading us wonderfully. Today thousands of sisters have joined this prayer and are fulfilling the Lord’s will. Words cannot describe the wonderful way in which the love of the Holy Spirit who is beautifully leading us is being poured into us. Yes, it is amazing and awesome.

I would like to share with you how my life too has been revived through this. How much my heart rejoices when every woman who takes part in this ministry calls me, who had lost my 17 year old daughter, ‘Amma”! The Lord is making me rejoice in the spirit by giving me scores of ‘spiritual children’ not only from Tamil Nadu but also from the whole world. Yes, this love is a divine love poured upon me by the
Holy Spirit. Whenever the burden and worry about my daughter comes into my heart, the love shown by any Esther Prayer Group warrior, who is like a daughter, would make all my worries vanish.

The Lord would show me the faces of a few Esther Prayer Group warriors who would pray along with me with real burden and the Holy Spirit would tell me, “From now on, they are your spiritual children”. At once my grief would be gone and I would begin to thank the Lord whole heartedly. Then the presence of God would fill me.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).

According to this verse, since I have committed myself wholly to follow the good ways shown by the Lord Jesus Christ and to fulfil His will, the Lord has added more divine blessings to me as per the above verse. After losing our beloved daughter Angel (Evangeline Kamalini), we were praying much that another daughter should replace her in the form of son Paul’s life partner. He completed his Ph. D at the age of 27. After that the Lord did a miracle. All he asked us was, “Mom, please ensure that the girl whom you choose for me should be 5’6’’ tall.” As he used to mention in his sermons, the Lord granted us even this small plea and gave him a partner who is 5’7’’ (One inch as bonus), more than we expected and asked for (Ephesians 3:20), and with the same name ‘Evangeline”. The Lord beautifully rebuilt our broken family and turned our sorrows into joy (John 16:20). After that, he gave us the grandchildren Sam, Sharon and Stella Ramola and filled us with boundless joy. Not only our family, the Esther Prayer Group family also began to multiply.The sisters who come to pray for other women in the Esther Prayer Group are amazed how the Spirit reveals those points and they pray with burden. Hence the Lord does miracles for them also and blesses them abundantly.