My dearly beloved brother and sister, I am sure you would want to give your thank offering on your Birthday, Wedding day / Anniversary, Any other special day or A memorial day to heal millions of broken hearted people and to bring blessings to you and your family during the year.

You are aware that millions of people watch Jesus Calls TV Programmes and experience the love of Lord Jesus Christ and His power in their lives.

Much expenditure is involved for the production of these programmes. By co-sponsoring these programmes, you would be an instrument for making the broken hearted people and the families in sorrow, receive comfort and blessing. Delighted over you, the Lord will bless you and your family as you are the channels of blessing to others and will prosper you.

Your Co-Sponsored Programme

  • You / Your family can Co-sponsor a programme
  • You / Your family's photograph will be telecast in your special programme.
  • Your names will be announced in the special programme & the Dhinakarans will specially pray for you and your family's prayer requests.
  • An exclusive Promise verse for you will be given during the telecast.
  • The date of telecast will be informed well in advance to facilitate you to inform your relatives & friends to watch your special programme.
  • You can choose the telecast date of your programme
  • Kindly book 30 to 45 days in advance to help us in the programme productions

Your Reward

  • You will be a blessing to millions who watch this programme through your thank offering.
  • You will receive abundant blessing from our Lord while you help us to reach the unreached people
  • You and your family will be covered under His mighty wings with the divine protection and abundant grace all through your life.
  • You will reap abundant blessings through the prayers of the millions of people, who view your programme.
  • A DVD of your co-sponsored programme will be sent to your home after the telecast.
  • You can cherish those golden moments in the later years by viewing this DVD.

Here are the testimonies of a few, who are blessed by the television Programmes:


We have been the partners of the Jesus Calls ministry since the past several years. Both my children Sharon Inbarani and Andrew Jerome are Jesus Calls Young Partners. I used to visit the Bethesda Prayer Center to get prayers for my daughter’s marriage. She had some skin problem also. She took many treatments but in vain. Since she studied in Karunya, she met Dr. Paul Dhinakaran during the Alumni Meeting and got prayers for her problem. The Lord miraculously healed her. Also, she got a wonderful life partner and her marriage was held in a grand manner.

To express our gratitude, we co-sponsored a Jesus Calls TV programme. Now God has blessed her with a girl baby. My son was working in a company and when he met Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, he gave his first month’s salary to him and got his prayers. Brother prayed that his salary should increase into fifty folds. We again co sponsored a TV programme on the occasion of our son’s birthday. After that he got an excellent job in the Middle East. The Lord is blessing our family in every area. Glory to Him.

- Ruby Christy, Coimbatore.


Last year I visited the Trichy Jesus Calls Prayer Tower. When I was in the family way, my mother was bedridden. Since she was ill for nearly three years, there was no one to look after me during my delivery time. So I was praying for my safe delivery. Also prior to my due date, I co sponsored a Jesus Calls TV program. The Lord accepted my vow and granted me a safe and normal delivery. But within ten days after my child’s birth, my mother became serious and was admitted in the ICU. Again I made a prayer of vow and said, “Lord, if you would heal my mother, I would co sponsor a Jesus Calls TV program every year, till my life time”. Accordingly, the Lord healed my mother.
On my daughter’s first birthday, I co sponsored a TV program and had requested prayers for my transfer. My husband was working in Madurai and I was in Trichy. The Lord heard the prayer and helped me to get transferred to Madurai. After two years of marriage, now we are able to live together. I thank the Lord for all the wondrous deeds He has done in my life.

- Dr. Mercy Evangeline, Madurai.

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