Family Blessing Plan is an exceptional Plan given by the Lord to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, for families to be blessed, to live in unity and to prosper. Prayers are offered in Jesus Calls Prayer Tower for the families who have subscribed to this Plan, to be blessed, to enjoy peace and for every member of the family to be in good health.

Family is the first institution that God created and blessed on this Earth. His desire was for mankind to multiply and have dominion over all things on the Earth. However, unfortunately many families have been under the attack of evil powers of darkness. God in His divine Mercy and grace wants to bind families with cords of love that cannot be broken. His plan is to provide a strong spiritual covering for every family united in His name and all those who are entering into a new relationship with Him through marriage. Your generous offering into this plan will move God’s hand to bless and prosper you with divine health, wealth and protection from all evil.

Privileges of family blessing plan

  • Donations of Rs 3000 will entitle a Partner to receive a Certificate with a promise verse.
  • A Special Wedding Anniversary card will be sent to the couple from the Dhinakarans.
  • Prayer Intercessors will call and pray on your Wedding Anniversary.
  • A promise verse will be sent every day through SMS.
  • The Jesus Calls Magazine will be posted every month to your address.

Your sacrificial support of minimum Rs. 500/- per month or more will help us to fulfill God's mandate in serving the broken hearted and ministering to the families.

You can also send your family photographs to fbp@jesuscalls.org with your name, date of birth and mobile number.

Heart’s desire fulfilled

In the year 2006, when my family was looking out for a suitable alliance for me, I enrolled myself in the Young Partner’s Plan after visiting the Chennai Prayer Tower, and got prayers that I should get a suitable boy, having the knowledge of Lord. The Lord accepted my vow and blessed me with a life partner the very next year. As I had desired, the groom’s side did not demand anything for the marriage. The Lord has blessed us. Now I have a 9 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. As a token of gratitude to the Lord, I have joined our family in the Family Blessing Plan. Now I've got a job in a school as well. I thank the Lord wholeheartedly.

- Pushpa Selvaraj, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

Addiction Gone

My husband was addicted to alcohol for more than 17 years. He took treatments for that but in vain. At this juncture, I visited the Prayer Tower in Madurai Nehru Nagar. The Prayer Warriors spoke words of faith to me and prayed. I also joined the Family Blessing Plan, in faith. The Lord has completely delivered him from alcoholism. Now we are living peacefully. Glory to God.

- Rathi Anand, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

The Lord thus sustains, protects, increases and helps many such families. In order that your family too would enjoy God’s favour as you join this Plan, the Dhinakarans and the Prayer Warriors in the Prayer Tower remember all the partners of the Family Blessing Plan, in their prayers. We kindly encourage you to join this Plan.

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