Dear precious friend, 

The Prayer Towers are a stronghold of Jesus Calls Ministry. They are a refuge to the broken-hearted people where their sorrows turn into joy (John16:20). Many long for blessings in various spheres of their lives, they seek deliverance from the clutches of the evil one; God’s Grace all their prayers are answered here. All those precious people visiting our prayer towers, experience the divine touch, not one returns empty handed. Our prayer warriors pray with burden for innumerable prayers offered here: in person as well as over the phone. And our Gracious God in His steadfast love and abundant mercy, answers the plea of His children.

The generous contribution of donors like you, have fostered the planting of Prayer Towers across India and also abroad. We have several praise reports pouring in from all those who visited the prayer towers; sharing about God’s wonders in their lives. Having said that, we are marching on-wards with our mission to uplift the downtrodden, through the Love and Compassion of Christ. I’m sure; you will not miss out this opportunity and partner us in this mission as we are working towards the completion of one of our prayer towers in Bangalore. Many thirsty souls are awaiting God’s love, let’s draw them close to Him!

Over the Past months your support had enabled us to bring the Bengaluru Prayer Tower Construction, almost to its completion stage.  We are praying to God that we would be able to complete the construction of Bengaluru Frazer Town Prayer Tower by the end of this year that it can commence to serve the people in the year coming forth. The details of work carried out and that are yet to be worked on this Prayer tower are as follows:
The Plan: This Prayer Tower spreads across 40,000 sq feet with vehicle parking in the basement and with counselling and telephonic prayer chambers in the ground floor. The first and second floors will have huge auditoriums that can accommodate 1,500 people.

Work completed: The construction of the main building structure is completed with about 10% to be completed in the interiors and 50% to be done on the outside. The remaining work to be done inside will stretch an area of 20,000 Sq.Ft.

The cost estimated: The amount required for completing the Frazer Town Prayer Tower is calculated as 2 crores.
Read what the dear sister who has contributed towards the Bengaluru Prayer Tower testifies….

My sister is a Jesus Calls Ambassador. Recently I had a direct leading from God to contribute towards the Bengaluru Prayer Tower Building Fund. The thought that here is a Prayer Tower which is open for people to come, know the Lord, share their prayer needs and get the required blessing, makes me happy. Our family is blessed being a Jesus Calls partner. Glory to God ! - Mrs. Sajna Thomas, Bengaluru
Heavenly Father, Do remember the joyful offering of these people towards the construction of the prayer towers through which people are consoled by Your Name and get to taste Your love and power, and bless them and their families abundantly. Let them be a blessing to others. Let Your name be glorified through them. Amen. 
May the Lord bless you abundantly!   


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