The Bible says, ‘Give thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Ephesians 5:20).

Here is an opportunity to express your thankfulness by sowing in the Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry so that you can touch millions! 

Since its inception in May 1973, Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry has been growing and has completed its 45th year, in May 2018; thus entering a new phase for the glory of God. This magazine contains God’s word shared by the Dhinakarans for men, women and the youth and children, updates on ministerial events, astonishing testimonies and Bible Quiz.

Many have received their miracle by reading the Jesus Calls Magazine. 


Mrs. Saranya Karthikeyan,

In 2012, I got married but went through agony repeatedly. In 2013, I lost my child in the womb during the 6th month of pregnancy and again after a gap of 2 years lost another child in the similar way. I was dejected and became very weak both physically and mentally. During that time, in February 2015, my aunt who used to visit the Prayer Tower regularly, enrolled me in the Child Anticipation Plan under the Young Partner’s Plan. I started getting Jesus Calls magazines and received the Word of God through every page and the testimonies in the magazine gave me confidence and developed my faith in God. I started to believe that God will bless me with children and one day I will also testify for His glory. Miraculously by the grace of God, God blessed me with a healthy baby girl in January 2017. We thanked God for this and sponsored a TV programme in January 2018 on her first birthday. Glory to God!


Healed from Septicemia

My daughter Ruth Kanmani is now in the seventh grade. She was suffering from high fever last August, and so we took her to the doctor for treatment. The doctors suspected something bigger and sent her to a Special Hospital for Children at Chennai, and there the doctors informed us that her kidneys and liver were damaged. They started the treatment and put her on dialysis stating that the salt content in her blood was very high. Even though we knew the Lord, we were not close to Him. I happened to get a copy of the May 2017 issue of the ‘Jesus Calls’ Magazine. The testimony of a brother who was healed from kidney failure titled, ‘The Lord created new Organs’ was published in it. I was heart-broken, but that night when I read the article, new hope stirred in me. I vowed to the Lord and prayed for my child. The next day, when we visited the hospital, the medical reports of my daughter were completely changed. Only the Lord could graciously grant her complete healing and perform a miracle! I praise the Lord who saved my daughter from septicemia (poisoning of the blood). I have since then enrolled her and my son Daniel as ‘Jesus Calls’ Young Partners.


Healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the year 2009, the doctors diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors said I would have to suffer from this medical condition, for the next ten years. Considering my plight, my neighbour gave me the Jesus Calls Magazine. I read every page of the magazine and the ‘Word of the God.’ The testimonies in the Jesus Calls Magazine moved me, and I started to hope. God blessed my faith in Him, and I received my miracle! I rejoice in the Lord for my miracle and cannot contain my joy! I am now sharing the joy by distributing the Jesus Calls Magazine to all my neighbours. They also have witnessed God’s miracle and have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. All Praise and Glory to Him!
- Sis. Sheela Rosario

Become a partner & be a blessing to the millions

The Jesus Calls magazine reaches 4 lakh homes in 8 Indian Languages. On an average one magazine touches 4 to 5 individuals with the life changing messages. We are prayerfully working to reach at least 1 lakh families more with the Jesus Calls magazine in the states of Punjab and Gujarat within the next 6 months. It costs approx. Rs.300/- yearly to prepare, print and post the magazine. Your contribution of Rs.600/ - or above will help us to achieve this.

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in subscribing to the Jesus Calls magazine and also you may also send this as a gift to a loved one where they too can be fed spiritually. Be assured that your commitment to help us will reach out to many and show them the path to Jesus.
You may decide to support sending the magazine to any number of families. You may contribute to this every month.
We expect a minimum requirement of Rs. 125 lakhs per month for this expansion.
  • 125 persons contributing 1 lakh each    
  • 250 persons contributing 50,000 each OR
  • 500 persons contributing 25000 each  
  • 1250 persons contributing 10000 each OR
  • Any other amount.........as the Lord leads you.

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