Depth of my Heart October 2017
Beloved in Christ,
I wish you with all my heart for this month of October to be a blessing to you.
“…his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”                                            (Isaiah 10:27)
According to this word of promise from our faithful God, may all the burdens in your life - your family, your work, your career and your business be crushed out of your life by the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit upon you.May all the burdens that are pressing you down and keeping you from arising and shining be removed from your life by this anointing. So for this month focus your prayer on ‘anointing’ of the Holy Spirit. Surely, the anointing given by God to you will bring forth a new and refreshing transformation in your life.
...an Apostle
In the year 1955, my father experienced the love of Christ and surrendered his life to Him. Though, from the day of his salvation he was striving to take the love and the forgiveness of God to the people, he was also concerned for the people who came to his meetings struggling in sin and sickness.
“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”                   (Acts 10:38)
According to this verse, he understood that if people need to be delivered from sickness and bond-ages of demons, a servant of God must be anointed by the Holy Spirit. He decided to be that servant of God and so he began to seek the anointing for 7 long years. Then in the year 1962, on the 10th Octo-ber, God anointed my father with the Holy Spirit. After that, there was a huge turning point in the Jesus Calls Ministries. Many who came to the Jesus Calls Meetings received the miraculous touch of God and experienced His love and power. Hope was born in their lives.
So, my friend, in this month of October I would like to encourage you to pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit in your life. I will also pray for you on this same point. When you receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing the Lord Himself will teach you and direct you (1 John 2:27).
The messages delivered by my father and me under the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit are being upgraded and stored by the process of “Digitization”. This effort is underway and the messages and revelations of God will be made available for the benefit of the current generation and the future generations. With your precious offerings, we were able to purchase hi-tech equipment exclusively for this purpose. We need a further expense of 3 crores to continue this process. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to help us to continue this project and complete it.
Silver Jubilee for Bethesda
During the days our Lord Jesus Christ was walking on this earth, many received healing through the Bethesda Pool (John 5th Chapter). According to the vision that God gave my father that people should receive the same healing from God even during these days, my father established the Bethesda International Prayer Centre on 10th Oc-tober, 1993, in Karunya Nagar. A replica of the Bethesda Pool as described in the Scripture has been constructed there with a pool in the middle of 5 domes. People have the facility to sit in these domes and meditate on the Lord. There is also a Central Prayer Dome for people to congregate and pray. Besides this, there are also the sculptural representations of the Stations of the Cross, for people to remember the sacrifice and atonement of our Lord and dedicate their lives into His hands. There are also the prayer intercessors to pray for those who come to the Bethesda Prayer Centre for prayers. Every year more than three hundred thousand people visit the Bethesda Prayer Centre to pray. They have testified of having received many miracles and healings. Now, as we celebrate 25 years of the Bethesda Prayer Centre, I would like to thank God for His unfailing mercies over the years. At this point of time, let me also indicate the fact that the Bethesda Prayer Centre requires renovations. As you know Bethesda was built by the generous donations of precious partners like you, in the same way, I exhort you to uphold us in this renovation work through your prayerful support.  If led by the Lord to extend your support to the renovation of the Bethesda Prayer Centre please draw a DD or cheque in favour of ‘Jesus Calls’ and post it to Prayer Tower, 16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai 28, or to Jesus Calls, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore 641114 or you can also donate through our website www.jesuscalls.org
 To get more details and clarifications on this, you can call our Toll-Free number 1800 425 77 55.
Forthcoming Ministries
There are many ministries filling the month of October. I furnish you the details below so that you can pray for them.
2017 October 2: Mega Special Prayer day, Chennai
2017 October 7,8: Partners Meet, Colombo, Kandy, Srilanka
2017 October 13-15: Prayer Festival, Bidar, Karnataka
2017 October 19,20: Prophetic Prayer Conference, Mauritius
2017 October 21,22: Blessing Meeting, Mauritius
2017 October 23: Prayer Tower Opening, Mauritius
2017 October 27-29: Prayer Festival, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
I earnestly request you to pray that the Lord will use us mightily in these meetings, for miracles to happen and for all the participants to experience Christ in their lives. His legacy is carried on to this day through the Prayer Festivals to bless millions. It has been 47 years since my dad first began preaching in these Prayer Festivals in the 70’s. So please continue to pray for these Prayer Festivals. Also, do not forget to pray for those precious souls which have been saved through these Prayer Festivals. Let us join together and praise our God for this ministry and the numerous souls saved through the same.
The Growing Karunya
‘Karunya’ was birthed from the vision given by God to my father late Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran to start a Christian University. By God’s grace, Karunya was established on October 4th, 1986. It began as an Engineering College. Today it has grown into a University and is functioning in three campuses. According to the directions of God, we are prayerfully taking steps to open Karunya Campuses in various other states. Research Projects are being conducted in Karunya Institute of Technology to find solutions for human problems of food, water, and medical needs. Praise God for Karunya! Please pray continuously for God’s name to be glorified through Karunya.
October 1st is World Senior Citizens Day and I take this opportunity to wish the elders in your home with all my heart. Dear Elders, God will make you fruitful even in this old age and will prosper and flourish you so that you will shine as glorious testimonies for His goodness and power(Psalm92:14). There are 96 Prayer Towers in India. You can visit any one of these Prayer Towers closest to your location for prayers. You can also render your voluntary services in these Prayer Towers and do what little you can for the Lord in the ministry. You will be blessed and also comforted.
The Lord is willing and wanting to bless those who sincerely pray and generously give to the Lord’s ministry. God will never fail to bless them and their descendants.
“… your God has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions.”                 (Psalm 45:7)
According to this verse, may God anoint you with the oil of gladness and keep filling you with His Holy Spirit throughout this month. He will fill you with joy and happiness.
“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.” (Psalm 55:22)
Friend! God has given this wonderful word as the word of promise for this month from my mother Sis. Stella Dhinakaran. You can read it in this issue and be blessed.
Your loving brother who prays for you
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran