Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

You will overflow

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
25 Apr
The Bible refers to our Lord as the “Lord of riches” (Romans 10:12). He is also known as He who fills everything in everyway (Colossians 1:19). The silver is mine and the gold is mine declares the Lord Almighty (Haggai 2:8). We see that He is perfect (Matthew 5:48). Yes! When He enters your life, He fills you with all the blessings. He is eagerly expecting to fill your cup in His presence to an overflowing level. His will is that you should not lack anything and that you should be blessed with earthly and spiritual blessings to the full measure.

 A little boy invited his friend for his birthday party. His friend asked him for his address and the little boy replied, “My house is on the seventh floor. You should climb up the stairs. You will see a cross on my door. When you see it you have to ring the calling bell. You have to use your elbows to press the switch of the calling bell. You have to open the door and hold it with your foot and then come inside.” Confused over his multifarious instructions, the friend asked him, “Why should I ring the calling bell with my elbow, and why should I open the door with my foot?” The little boy, with great expectation replied, “Won’t the gifts that you have bought for me be full in your hands? So you will not be able to use your hands to press the switch and you won’t be able to open the door. Isn’t it? That’s why I told you so.”
My dearly beloved, you are that little boy who invited his friend to his home.  Would you expect with faith to receive Jesus as your friend? He will come into your life with multiple gifts.  Yes, He is already waiting for your invitation to decorate your life with His goodness.  The honey-bees fill the empty honey comb with sweet nectar from the flowers. Similarly, when you enter the presence of the Lord, He fills you with His sweet presence and transforms you into sweet scented flower for Him (2 Corinthians 2:14). Receive Him and spread His fragrance everywhere!
 Dear Lord, come into my heart today.  I am sorry for the days I kept You out of my life.   Please fill every part of my life with Your sweet presence and Your amazing riches. Today, I receive by faith all of Your goodness into my life.  I believe that I will not lack any good thing hereafter. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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