Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Safe under His wings

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
13 Mar
Our relationship with God is the greatest gift that the Lord chose to give us. As we understand God and His power we can be very well assured that we who are called as His children shall never be shaken. As we strengthen our fellowship with the Lord we begin to operate the heavenly blessings which the Lord has kept in store for us. Our Lord not only blesses us with prosperity but also protects us in order for us to enjoy His blessings. “Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler (Psalm 91:3).”
Many years ago, there lived a happy Christian who was a post master, with his family in a particular town. A jealous neighbour on seeing this happy household approached a magician to do witchcraft against this family. The magician sent a host of evil spirits under the leadership of a powerful demon. The spirits who had obeyed the orders of their master until then, returned hastily and told the magician, “Master, please send us to any other house but not theirs. There is a hedge of fire all around that house and it threatens to consume us. We cannot go there.” The neighbour was shocked on hearing this and straightaway went to the house of the post master to find out the reason why the powers of witchcraft could not destroy them. The post master explained to him about the love of Christ and of His holy presence that protects them all the time.
Yes, the Lord Jesus who dwells in your home and heart is greater than he who is in this world. He is God Almighty. He will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul safe. He will protect you from both seen and unseen dangers. You are safe under His wings! He is as a wall of fire to those who submit themselves under His protection. Today, will you entreat Him to come and abide in your house and protect you and your family? Look up to the Lord in prayer and you can surely say “In the shadow of your wings, I find protection until the raging storms are over.”(Psalm 57:1).
“Loving Father, I praise You for You are greater than everything. I thank You for Your divine protection that is upon me all the time. I know that no harm can come near my dwelling. I pray that this blessing of safety, which You have given me, will be with me forever.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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