Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

Life of enjoyment

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
08 May
Are you worried saying, “Should I start this month with insufficiency?” or “I have lost everything, how can I survive next? How will I maintain the family?” Today, as you look unto the Lord and believe His words, He will have compassion on you. It is because, He is the One who has created you; He is the Lord who is compassionate like a father (Psalm 103:13). Be not discouraged!
There was a brother named Ramkumar who had not tasted the love of Jesus. He actually hated Jesus. If someone spoke about Jesus, he would not pay attention to them. He got married at the right age and became a father to two beautiful girls. A storm blew in the life of Ramkumar who had a good job and lived happily with his family. Yes, all of a sudden he lost his job. He who had a good income to maintain his family, found it hard to run the show without any income. He began to mortgage his wife’s jewellery and spend the money. Having two children, he and his wife were very much distressed. At one stage, they did not even have any jewel to mortgage. All the jewels had been pledged at the pawn shop.
It was coincidental that at that time, he happened to watch the ‘Jesus Calls’ program in the television. On one fine day, I was delivering the message based on the verse, “The Son of man came to seek, and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Ramkumar continued to listen to the message as the words touched him and then he came to know about our Lord Jesus through it. In that message I said, “Lord Jesus came just for you. He will give back a hundredfold of all that you have lost. He will raise you to greater heights.” He believed that those words were for him and tearfully listened to the whole message. After that he continued to watch the ‘Jesus Calls’ television programs regularly and also received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. He acquired a good job with adequate salary right in the city where he lived. Now he is happily maintaining his family again. Yes, the Lord turned his sorrow into joy (John 16:20).
Be assured that God shall supply all your needs and bless all the work of your hands like the family of Ramkumar and make you collect the excess (Philippians 4:19; Deuteronomy 15:10). Taste and see the promise “My chosen ones will long enjoy the work of their hands (Isaiah 65:22) come true in your life and testify the miracles to others.
Dear Lord, I am sorry for the days I trusted my income to meet all my needs.  Now I know that You are the source of all good things.  I believe that You have thousand spectacular ways to meet my needs.  I know that I will not lack a single good thing.  I regret for my miserliness and over-spending habit.  Give me wisdom to handle the finance.  I bring all that I have before Your presence.  Multiply them hundredfold.  Bless me and my family abundantly so that I would give to those in need.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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