Paul Dhinakaran

Kings need your light!

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
11 May
After having enjoyed the joy of salvation, William Carey despite his poverty, travelled a long way to Calcutta in India to preach the gospel. There was none to help him.  Poverty on one side and death of his own child on the other side forced him to shut down.  Above all these perils, his wife became mentally ill and succumbed to death.  Amidst these troubles, Carey served the Lord whole-heartedly and faithfully.  He learnt Sanskrit and made all efforts to translate the Bible from English to Sanskrit.  The Indian Governor General, who heard this, requested Carey to translate the Indian laws from English to Sanskrit and said that the laws can be enacted only if Carey seals them with his signature.  Days passed by.  Lord lifted Carey that he prayed and blessed every person who got sworn as Governor of India.  God gave Carey the responsibility of anointing the kings of the nation!
Beloved, God is your eternal light.  As you hold on to God’s commandments, you get transfigured and reflect His light.  Thereafter people from all directions will come to see the signs and wonders that God performs through you.  Yes, kings would come seeking for you as per the promise, nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn” (Isaiah 60:3).  Your faithfulness to God is a magnet that would pull people to your light.  God Himself will make you a channel of blessing to people around you and to the nations!
Dear Lord, I thank You for having come into my heart.  Thank You for saving me from eternal condemnation. I thank You for the little light that is glowing in me.  Help me to meditate on Your words which are light to my feet.  Make this little light shine brighter day by day.  Help me to stand in the ‘new creation’ foundation.  May this draw people towards You.  Glorify Your Name through me by all means.  I surrender all of myself to execute Your blessed will.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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