Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Kingdom life is yours

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
09 May
When the Bible says, “poor in spirit” it indicates those who are humble in heart and not the financial stringency.  Therefore, the ones who humble themselves shall possess the kingdom of heaven.  What is humility? It is the dependence on God like a child for everything instead of relying on one’s own wisdom and power.  But, people not knowing their smallness before the greatness of God, betray themselves with their prideful and deceitful heart losing the presence of the Lord at the end. Men who have pride do not have the life that flows from the living God thereby resulting in a living void of any blessing.  
There was a great astronaut called Charles Duke, who went to the moon. Before going there, his life was deadly with bad habits like alcohol and other sinful worldly things. When he went to the moon, from there he saw the earth hanging with no support.  At that moment, he realized the power of the Lord and gave his life to Him. He was filled with great joy and peace.  He found the real meaning of life.  He became ‘poor in spirit’ by embracing the rich grace of Christ which birthed the kingdom of heaven in his spirit, soul and body!
What is the kingdom of heaven? Beloved, it is a life filled with peace, joy, glory, forgiveness, transformation, riches, wisdom and the list steeps with every good thing you can desire for.  Jesus Christ is the source of all good things.  As soon as you humbly receive His reign into your life, you will enjoy the ‘kingdom of heaven on earth.’ Bible days, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). Acknowledge Him and His ways.  Receive His abundant grace which is waiting to give you the keys to the ‘kingdom life.’
Dear heavenly Father, I lay all my worldly wisdom at Your feet.  Forgive the days when I was proud of my knowledge.  Before You my Creator, I am nothing.  I thank You for being mindful of me in this big planet.  I empty my heart’s haughty thoughts.  I acknowledge Your sovereign power and authority.  Thank You for sending Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for me.  I believe in Him.  You are the Lord over my life.  Thank You for the kingdom of heaven that has been launched in my life from this moment onwards.  Amen.

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