Stella dhinakaran

God is with you always

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
17 Mar
This verse is a wonderful promise given to the children of God. A similar promise is also found in Exodus 33:14 which says, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” This promise is given to us by none other than our Lord God who created this universe and all that are in it. But, it is we who move away from Him spending our time in worldly pleasures and lusts. He loves us despite of all our shortcomings and lovingly calls us, “My dear son! My dear daughter! Come to Me! I will take away all your load and burdens. I will give you relief!” (Matthew 11:28).
A devout mother prayed to God and placed her two daughters in His hands before the school bus started for the excursion. Her daughters also prayed and went with the fear of the Lord. On the way, the bus crashed against a tree and capsized twice. In this accident, many girls in that bus were injured seriously. But, these two girls escaped unhurt. They did not even have scratches on their bodies. This was only because of the fervent prayer of their mother. When the two girls got down from the bus, they saw the verse, “The Lord saves you” on the bus. Now, they believed that it was the Lord who saved them because of their prayers. They felt very happy and learnt a good lesson.
Dearly beloved! The Lord will save you and protect you if you pray to Him before you leave your house on any work. Also, make it a point to pray to Him before you do anything. He will save you. He will give you wisdom. He will bless you. Pray like the mother in the above incident for your children at all times. The Lord shall preserve you and your children as mentioned in the above promise verse (Psalm 121: 1, 8).

Are we worthy for this blessed privilege? Do you doubt in the way He fulfills His promise? Do we really seek this blessing? Try a bit of introspection into where He is in your life, in the center or on the side?. Get rid of all your shortcomings, look up to Him and receive His abundant blessings.
Loving Lord! How unique is the protection You give me! From today onwards, help me to seek You with all my heart. Teach me to pray to You before I do anything in my life! Shower Your richest blessings on me and give me a victorious life. In the saving name of our Lord Jesus, I pray, AMEN.

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