Paul Dhinakaran

Enduring Patiently

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
14 Jun
Pain and misery are inevitable in this world and there’s no doubt about it. However, the question arises, how strong are you when you face tough situations? Do you easily give up when facing trials and temptations? If your answer is yes, then I want to encourage you from what the Bibles says, “If we endure,we will also reign with Him” (2 Timothy 2:12).

In this context, I want to narrate an incident to you. One day, a man was wrestling with God in prayer, entreating Him to put an end to his unending pain and suffering. So, to comfort him, the Lord Jesus took him to Heaven in a vision. There he was with Jesus and saw how things happened up there. The man saw a soul of a woman entering into Heaven. The Lord descended from His throne, embraced her, kissed her and received her saying, “My dear daughter! You have undergone a great deal of suffering in your earthly life, but you have endured all of it patiently. You truly fought the good fight. Come! Enter into the joy of my Father”. The man who was watching this was awestruck. Then Jesus told him that “during her earthly life she passed through much agony. She was beaten and persecuted by her husband. But not even once, she murmured or cursed or grumbled over her situation. So, I received her, myself”.
My dear friends, if you endure patiently all the unpleasant situations here on earth, you will experience comfort in Heaven. Troubles and trials are ephemeral, but the promises of God are everlasting. In the book of James 1:12 we read, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him”.

Therefore, do not be distressed and agitated that your prayers go unanswered. If you just look to God under all circumstances, then He will surely restore happiness and peace in your life. You will not only experience those blessings here on earth, but it will be everlasting. A day will come when you shall go to Heaven and Jesus will receive you Himself, as you have been faithful in your earthly life. That day will be a day of great joy and a blessing. So, be patient and wait for the Lord. He is working out the best for you. Trust Him!
Loving Heavenly Father, I thank you for your precious words. Lord, give me the grace to endure my hardships with faith in you. May I never grumble over my situation but remain faithful to you and receive the crown of life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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