This is Sheela; runs her own business. In 2008, she met with an accident and injured her neck and right arm. She took all the medications but the pain never subsided. Because of this, she was unable to do the household chores and had sleepless nights. In 2013, she got to know about Jesus Calls Prayer Festival in Aurangabad. Moved by the Holy Spirit I called out her name, Sheela and said, " Sheela, you cried to God and told Him that if you really love me then my name should be called and I should be healed from all my pain. Jesus heals your neck right now". At that very moment, she felt something leaving her neck and she could move her neck and right arm without any pain. Today, she testified of this great miracle in her life. She is a partner in the Business Blessing Plan. God has blessed her business and she also owns a house.
Praise be to God!

The Lord told Dr. Paul Dhinakaran that because Radhika has gone through several losses, the Spirit of fear has grasped her heart. But on the second day of the meeting, Jesus called her name and delivered her! How real Jesus is! All glory to Him alone!

This is Ganga and he testified the miracle that he received during the prayers.
He had been suffering from cancer for the past 2 years. Due to breathlessness, he was unable to walk. He had a tumor in his stomach and as Dr. Paul was praying, God showed him his name and his problem; Dr. Paul said, "There's a person named Ganga, God touches you right now. The power of Jesus is flowing into your body. Rise up and be healed in Jesus' name". At that very moment, he felt something has been removed and there was no pain at all. He's been completely healed of cancer. All glory to God!

Ghodke Vishwas was faithful to God and was doing very well in his job. He unexpectedly fell sick with a high fever that persisted for over a month. He became too weak and was unable to walk. Then the doctors realized that he has Lymphoma cancer which is in its 4th stage and that he would stay alive only a few days. Vishwas cried bitterly and pleaded the doctors to save him from dying; at least for the sake of his little children. But the doctors said that it is hard for him to get through his 2nd Chemotherapy while he had to go through 8 of it. During that time, he heard God’s voice and survived cancer. After a couple of years, he had a similar fever which gripped his heart with fear. He attended a Jesus Calls prayer festival held at Ahmedabad, where God enabled Dr. Paul to call out his name and comfort him. Now Vishwas is a minister of God, leading a congregation of 750 believers. Praise be to God!

Nitesh had severe anxiety and was tormented by the fear of death. Evil thoughts flashed his mind time to time and he was worried that he would lose his mind, due to which he hasn’t gone to the college for a long time. During the first day of the Aurangabad Prophetic Prayer Conference, God revealed to Dr. Paul; Nitesh’s name and the issue he was facing. He felt an immense peace filling his soul, right then. He testified gladly that our Lord delivered him from the fear of death and negative thoughts that afflicted him. Praise be to God!

Hallel Reba, a Young Partner; stands as a remarkable example of 'excellence in academics'. Her achievements greatly motivated the children who were to appear for their board exams. Hallel completed her schooling with an overwhelming victory that got her an opportunity to pursue medicine in Christian Medical College - Vellore, through merit. Moreover, the Lord blessed her with 36 awards and 8 Gold Medals for Medicine. Through the letter that Dr. Paul sent her during her schooling, she was greatly encouraged: Isaiah 41:10. She is now the best out-going student of her batch and the generous one who contributed all her cash rewards to Jesus Calls Ministry.

Lokesh Sylvester is a Young Partner and has felt the protection of God all through his life. In 2012, despite him being the school's topper having a score of 98.5%, the State Government did not announce the top rankers of that year. This led Lokesh through a tough situation to get into the Gov. Medical College. His parents visited the Prayer Tower and the prayer intercessors fervently prayed for his admissions in the Gov. Medical College. At that time, the NEET exam helped him to exhibit his exceptional score and got him into Gov. Medical College. He thus encouraged thousands of children to rely on the Lord, at all times.

Preethi was under demonic oppression. She was delivered at the Vellore Blessing Prayer Meeting.  She strode to the stage, soaked in the presence of the Holy Spirit. She testified that she felt the touch of the Holy Spirit, assuring her deliverance.  She also felt a crown being placed on her which made her exuberant, yearning to testify the greatness of our Lord.

Prarthana found herself depressed and often wanted to end her life. She was greatly comforted by the words our Lord spoke through me in a Jesus Calls Television program, telecasted on RajTV. She was filled by the Holy Spirit as she testifying How the Lord blessed her in double measure of all that she had lost.  She is thankful to the Lord for enabling her to pursue BA LLB in Govt. Law College and also for enabling her to attend the Blessing meeting by healing her stomach ache and vomiting, which she had in the past 5 days.

Y. Abraham and his wife Saral had a son after five years of their marriage. Their elder son Jonathan, during his 8th month, had high fever and was losing consciousness when they rushed him to the Government Hospital. The doctors advised them to take him to a private Hospital since he had completely lost conscious. His wife's family contacted the Prayer Tower at that time for prayers. God heard the prayers of the intercessors and their son gained little consciousness as he vomited blood in the ambulance on his way to the private hospital. The intercessors took the prayer request to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the next day and God did wonders after they prayed. Abraham and his wife came up to the stage with their two sons and glorified the name of the Lord by testifying the miracle the Lord had done in their lives.

Robert Nelson and Evarani have four children. Though they had known about Christ, Robert was addicted to alcohol for over 18 years. His family lost peace as he would treat his family turbulently under the influence of alcohol.  On 30-07-2017 God had enabled Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to call out his name and prophesy over him through a Jesus Calls TV Program, telecasted on RajTV. The entire family felt the peace of God come upon them at that very moment. Robert was so glad to honor the Lord by testifying the Lord's wondrous deeds in his life.  Robert's family is so blessed that they have partnered with Jesus Calls Ministry, joining in three different facets. Glory be to God Almighty!

Parimala Kannadhasan and her family lived in quarters for many years. Their heart's desire is to have a house of their own. They desperately searched for houses for over two years but it was in vain. When Parimala and her husband Kannadhasan were watching the Jesus Calls TV Program telecasted on Nambikkai TV, God's word came unto them through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, calling out the name Kannadhasan! God declared that He would build their house. Likewise, they have started the construction of their new house. Parimala also testified the favor her husband received at his work place right after the prayers of the Avadi Prayer Warriors.

He is from Palavedu village and was under the oppression of demonic spirit for 20 years.  Earlier, he was an alcoholic and the Lord changed his life. Now, he praises God and testifies that he is healed of his gastric trouble as he felt the Holy Spirit come upon him during the prayer time at Thiruvallur blessing Meeting.

During the time of prayer, God revealed the name Malarvili and comforted her from worrying about her son's future. She testified that the burden of her heart rolled away, as she heard the Holy Spirit speak to her while Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying for the great multitude at the Thiruvallur Blessing Meeting.

Dumka Prayer Festival
Putul Kumari suffered from from a paralytic attack last year and could not move her left hand. Today, during prayer The Lord touched her and now she's able to lift her hand. All glory to God for this miracle.


Yes Jesus is Real!! Prompted by God I called out a name Lily - She walked up the platform to testify what God had done in her life: For the past 5 years, she suffered from a nerve disorder, because of which she couldn't lift her right arm. She walked in the arena with lot of pain in her right shoulder. Today, she's completely healed of the pain. Lily is happy as he received the touch of Jesus and there's no more pain whatsoever.
"Thank you Jesus"


This child was sick from birth and he couldn't not stand nor walk. People used to say that this child is handicapped. They took him to many doctors in Patna and Kolkata but no one could help him. In 2017 they attended the Shillong Prayer Festival and when they returned from there this child began to walk! Not only did he walk but he also began to run. All glory to God for this miracle!

This is Nikhil. In his early days of graduation he was addicted to drinking and many filthy habits. He was always involved with his friends and didn't care much about his family. His family would often ask him to read God's word but he would never listen. In 2003 his mother convinced him to attend a Prayer Festival in Kanpur. There in prayer God revealed his name to me and I said, "Nikhil, you're about to run from God. But God is having compassion on you". This left him convicted and he repented and surrender ed his life to Jesus. The Lord had also revealed that God will give him academic success. After finishing his B.Sc he completed his MBA and also did LLB and is pursuing LLM as well. All glory to God!


Babita Singh and her husband Anil Singh were going through many troubles and hardships in their life. In the midst of that her husband met with an accident in which he lost his memory and went into a coma. The doctors said that he will never come out of the coma. During those days she used to watch my TV programs regularly. She immediately called the Prayer Tower and the Prayer Warrior prayed with burden and her husband who was in coma for 72 hours, regained consciousness! Also they used to live in a rented house. They sowed their seed of faith for the Bangalore Prayer Tower and God blessed them with a Rs 35 lakh apartment and 2 plots of land. Praise God.

Maya Devi was childless for 15 long years after her marriage. Each time she conceived she would suffer from a miscarriage. For this reason her husband and in-laws wanted to get rid of her. She then attended a Prayer Festival at Kolkata where my wife Sis. Evangeline prayed for her. Within a year of her receiving that prayer, she conceived a child. Today, her daughter Aaradhna Kumari is 9 years old. All glory to God for this wonderful miracle in the life of Maya Devi!

Sushanti completed her teacher's training in 2009 and till 2014 she was unemployed. In 2014 she attended a Prayer Festival at Ranchi. She came with much hope. In that Prayer Festival I prayed for all those who needed a job. In 2015 God blessed her with a teaching job in a government organisation. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful miracle!


Yesterday, as I was interceding in prayer for God's people: God showed me a name, Naomi- This is what she testified:
She had a severe throat problem, would feel the burning sensation while swallowing food. So she couldn't eat well. Also she suffered from a heart ailment. When I prayed," Jesus is healing your throat and chest related problems", she claimed her healing right then. This morning, she had her meals well without any pain and also had no complains of a heartache.
All Glory  to God for His Mighty wonders!!

Sanjita Das and her husband Benjamin have been married since 1997. In 2002 The Lord blessed them with a daughter. But in 2008 after they tried for a second child, she suffered a miscarriage. The doctors told her that she'll not be able to conceive ever again.  In 2010 she wanted to attend the Raipur Prayer Festival but due to financial constraints she was unable to do so. In Aug 2010 she chose the name Daniel by faith and enrolled him in the Young Partners Plan at the Prayer Tower. In the same month she received the Raipur Prayer Festival CDs in which she heard a testimony to a lady who's womb God healed. She believed and  in September she conceived. The ultra sound revealed that there were two babies in her womb. But on delivery one of the babies didn't make it as it was premature and very weak. It only lived for 6 hours. After 15 days they brought little Daniel home and in the evening they realized that his body went cold and lips had turned black. He had died. Heartbroken she. called the Prayer Tower and as the Prayer Warrior prayed with burden, the child gave a loud cry! Today, he is 7 years old! All Glory to God!

Mercila had suffered 12 miscarriages in 13 years of her marriage to Deepak. Also in 2013 her husband met with an accident. They brought him to the Ranchi Prayer Festival where I applied prayed oil on him and prayed for him and God healed him. They also continued to believe in God for a gift of child and in 2017, God blessed them with a beautiful baby girl. All glory to  God.

Vinita suffered from arthritis and pain in the uterus for the past 10 years. She had trouble sitting due to the severe pain. She came with hope as she believed in the name of Jesus to heal her. As I and my wife Evangeline prayed, God touched and healed her, delivering her completely. Praise be to God!

As me and my wife Evangeline ministered, we are so thankful to God for displaying His magnificent power on his people. Miracles were taking place all over. Here is a remarkable testimony of Gaurav:  In the year 2015, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma -  blood cancer. The doctors recommended for an immediate treatment. He and his family were shattered as they faced financial crunch. They visited the hospital in Vellore and started with the chemotherapy. Still no positive results. Later on, doctors advised them to go for bone marrow transplant. But he held on to the promise verse of Malachi 4:2, which he got in his YPP verse. His health was deteriorating. But in the year 2017, February, when he had gone for a check up, the doctors were shocked to see him healed. He testifies, that at the airport, when Sharon Paul Dhinakaran, prayed for him, saying, " Your infected tissues are being burnt up", he felt he's healed. Right there, he claimed his healing and today, he is hale and hearty.
God gave him a new life!
All praise to God Almighty!!

Ganesh Das was bed ridden for the past 6 months and could not use his limbs as he had suffered from a brain haemorrhage. Yesterday, as I prayed God touched him and healed him. Now he is able to walk on his own! What a great God we serve. His younger son brought him to this meeting with faith in Jesus and God honoured that and healed his father!

Yesterday, as I prayed to God for people, specifically to be healed from all kinds of infection- Samuel Besra, came forward and testified today what God had done in his life: For the past 3 years, he's been suffering from Urinary Tract Infection. There was no cure, even after all treatments. Yesterday, as he attended the prayer festival, he received the healing. Jesus cured him from all infections. All praise to God!!


With God in our midst, here's a remarkable testimony of Veranteos Kisko Today, he was to leave for Kolkata for a medical treatment. He was sick for quite some time as he suffered from Diabetes. Because of which he also took leave from office. He had a high sugar level above 300, when checked in Ranchi. On 25th Jan, I prayed specially for him and his family, during a church service in Kusumdi. Today, he got his test reports and found the sugar levels to be normal. He came to the prayer festival along with his medical reports and they are all normal. Jesus is real for sure!! All Glory to God!

Martha had severe pain in her spinal chord for the past 4 years. She didn't tell anyone about her pain, just prayed to Jesus for her healing. Yesterday, while watching the meeting on the television she received partial healing. Today, she attended the meeting in the ground and received complete healing. Now she can bend without any trouble. Praise The Lord!

Rosemary had been suffering from spondylitis pain for 1 year. She was unable to work properly because of the pain and so lost her job. But today, God touched her and healed her completely! All glory to God!

Christina was suffering from back pain for the past 3 days. But today, during prayer, God touched and heal His daughter. He also spoke to her with loving words, saying "Yes, daughter I love you!" Oh how merciful is our God!

Miracles were happening all over the place. She is Phool Kumari, since 2015 has been suffering from Jaundice and Typhoid. She was in terrible pain. Today, as I was praying, she felt the touch of God and was completely healed of the pain. She happily testified what Jesus did for her. Our God is a great God!!

Here's what God did in Pr. Austin's life. He's from Nigeria and lives in Ranchi. While he was praying, he asked God," what do you have in store for me?" and he heard God say, " a double portion". Also, he had been praying for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for quite a long time. He testified,that as Sis. Evangeline was praying yesterday, that "God is pouring out His spirit on a servant of God, who's present here". He received the anointing right then. Today, as I shared about the" double portion of honor", he claimed this blessing too. He indeed, got a double portion of Blessing. What a mighty God we serve!!

- Sarala, Bhalki dist, Bidar
The TV remote was misplaced in our home and I started to doubt my brother-in-law’s child. As I was getting ready to attend the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival, I had guilt feeling in my heart that I am unnecessarily blaming a little child. As I was listening to the message of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, God started moving within me and when the prayer time came, I prayed to the Lord, convicted of my shortcomings and requested the Lord for Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to call my name. Exactly as I prayed he called me by name and said, “Sarala, you have spoken evil about other people. Now the evil spirits have caught hold of you. But tonight, Jesus is delivering you Sarala, because you have wrongly accused a young little child. Right now the love of God is coming to you. Receive Him. Demons are leaving you Sarala. Come to the platform and glorify God.” As he prayed, I was totally delivered, repented and cleansed. Now the guilt is gone. My burden has left me and I am happy. All glory to God.

- Mrs. Sankruthi (mother of Stella), Bidar
My daughter Stella suffered from a headache since her childhood. Medical treatments could not heal her. I have seen Dr. Paul Dhinakaran only in Television and so I came to this meeting with a longing to see him and to receive a miracle for my child. I was sitting in the last row and during prayer time Dr Paul Dhinakaran called my daughter’s name and said, “You have a problem in the head. The dizziness is being healed by the power of God. Stella, God heals you right now. Come and testify.” God answered my prayer and healed my daughter. Though my daughter had such a severe pain, I came with a determination to attend the meeting and said to myself that I will testify, and it happened exactly like that! I give all glory to God alone.

- Fredrick, Bidar
I had back pain for the last 3 days. Last night, after work from Guntur I travelled the whole night and came to this meeting. During prayer time Dr. Paul said, “You have been healed” and I took those words in faith and instantly got healed. I can feel the pain gone. All glory to God

- Srushti, Bidar
I had severe back pain and hip pain. I came to this meeting in such a condition only. During prayer time God called my name through Dr. Paul. He said, “Srushti, God is healing you. You are being delivered from the witchcraft powers.” At that moment I felt somebody touching me and embracing me. God has healed me and delivered me completely. All glory to God.

- K.Vinaya Shila (Sarojana’s daughter), Bidar
During the last week of September, my mother Sarojana, 70 years old, had severe stomach pain and fever. We thought it was due to her old age. But this pain persisted every day. So, we took her to a gynaecologist in Bidar. The Doctor advised for an abdominal scan. The results revealed that it was cancer. We were heartbroken as a family. We then took her to Kakinada where my other sister lived and she admitted my mother in the hospital under her care. I came to know about the Jesus Calls Bidar Prayer festival and attended the 1st day meeting to pray for a miraculous healing for my mother. From the meeting venue, I called my sister and asked her to place the phone on my mother’s ear. During the prayer time, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying for the sick people and for those affected by cancers telling “Cancers will be healed.” My mother heard the passionate prayers offered by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. The next day, I attended the “Partners Meet” in the morning and met Dr. Paul during individual prayers. He prayed for my mother with burden and comforted me. That same evening the 2nd biopsy result came and it was mentioned that there is “NO CANCER.” The cancer biopsy test turned negative. The Doctors were amazed to see her without any traces of cancer cells in her body. What a miracle! My mother is completely healed and she is here on this 3rd day of the meeting as a living testimony. All glory to God for this marvelous miracle.

Problem in the Blood - Manjula
God is always concerned about His children. He precisely revealed to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the name ‘Manjula’ and the problem in her blood and pain in the body. Now Manjula testifies that she has been healed at the very moment. Praise the Lord!

Heavily burdened - Shivan
Shivan was touched by the love of God that made him realize that he was no longer feeling heartbroken. He came to the Prayer Festival, heavily burdened but now he thanks the Lord for delivering him.

Delivered from demon possession - Leena
Leena was confronted by the Holy Spirit and was delivered of her scandalous life. She confessed all her embarrassing actions to the gathering with the assurance of deliverance and peace she received from the Lord. Sister Evangeline and Dr. Paul prayed for her and she was delivered from demonic possession. Glory to God in the highest!

Received the Peace of the Lord - Miacclia
Miacclia received peace of our Lord when my wife Evangeline prayed for the people. She gave an exuberant testimony, glorifying the greatness of the Lord.

- Radhika, Jabalpur.
My husband Ajay was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 months due to unfair reasons. During that time I was awfully lonely. Only my in- laws were with me. No one else came to help me. Our Lord Jesus who is with us helped us. He showed us the way, for after 90 days he came out of the jail because I prayed and God heard my prayer. When I attended the Prayer Festival, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called my name and prophesied saying, Radhika, Jesus has touched you right now. Come to the platform. Your family life will be blessed from now on. Surrender your life totally into the hands of Jesus. The power of God is coming upon you and God is going to deliver you from your family problems and grant you peace.” About the same time I was also praying that the Lord should remove all the problems from my family. At that moment I felt a cool breeze on my body and I believe that the Holy Spirit has taken control of my family. Praise God.

- Abdul, Jabalpur
I had a big tumour in my leg and as a result my leg was swollen causing severe pain, confining me to a wheelchair. My brother who works for the police department told me about this meeting that some pastor is coming. Although I had to travel a long distance, my wife made me ready to attend the meeting. I was carried into the venue as I couldn’t walk. As I started listening to the preaching, Brother Paul Dhinakaran said, “Touch and see where you have pain.” I immediately reached out to my leg to touch and see what had happened but to my surprise, I felt no pain. Oh! the swelling over my tumour was gone. Now I am walking normally by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus

- Sudharsan Nagavarshi, Jabalpur
Seven years ago, Satan started tormenting our family and wanted to kill us. My mother and father died due to witchcraft. At that time, in 2014, we tasted the love of God through Jesus Calls Television programmes. My wife Rampyari wanted to come to this meeting but I was hesitant because I have not completely come out from taking Gutkha. Yet on my wife’s persistence, we started our travel on 26th to attend this meeting. I could hear the devil talking to me through my wife, “I have killed two people in your house and now I will kill you, your wife and elder son also”. In this disturbed state only we started to come here. As we were travelling in the bus, the picture of Jesus with a little child on His bosom appeared before my wife and she saw the hand of Jesus stretching towards her inviting her to attend the meeting. On 28th morning during the Partners’ Meet, even as we were standing in the row for personal prayers, my wife was terribly tormented by the evil spirit and she was dancing, jumping, screaming and laughing. She could not be controlled by anyone. But as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran laid his hand and on her and prayed for her, from that time onwards, she was totally free. She received the Holy Spirit anointing also. We are a living testimony now, fully delivered from the clutches of devil. All Glory to GOD


- Regina, Erode.

"I am a partner with the Jesus Calls ministry for the past 15 years. My husband is no more. I have a mentally challenged son of 9 years and an 8 year old daughter. My son would never leave me. However, deciding to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I attended this Prophetic Conference. During the prayer time, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran said, "Regina, the Lord is touching you. Now His hands are coming upon you. You would hear His voice". Immediately I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and I saw His hands resting upon me and the Lord coming towards me, clothed in white robe. Now I am very happy."

– Angel (daughter of Bro. Anand, brother of Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran) Tirunelveli

When everybody was praying for the anointing, I felt someone touching me. At once, I began to tremble and my mother who was near me, hugged me and assured me that I should not fear. The Lord anointed me.

"Bimal, a young partner had a swollen and cancerous growth in his larynx and was unable to speak or swallow anything. No treatments could heal him. It was when, he contacted the Jesus Call Prayer Tower and the Prayer Intercessors prayed for his healing. God heard the prayers and healed him miraculously. God has also blessed him with gift of tongues to pray, preach and praise His powerful Name."

Sis. Kusum Ekka testified thus saying, "I was suffering from boil near my right ear because of which I was undergoing pain and suffering for nearly 10 years. No medicines could heal me. One day, while I was watching the Jesus Calls TV program, God called my name through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and healed me instantly. All glory to God!"