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Prayer for Election in 6 States!

Conducted by Paul Dhinakaran along with Church Leaders!

On November 15th, special prayers were offered in Delhi, for all the M.L.As to be elected purely according to the will of God, in the six states – Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Jammu & Kashmir. Particularly prayers were offered that the elected ones should have divine nature and guidance and work with a new heart of dedication. At that time, the Lord gave certain revelations to Paul Dhinakaran concerning a few states and our nation of India. Here are those revelations:


Regarding the governance of the Nation:

1. Lord will bring young leadership in the country. This will happen soon. And the nation will prosper under the young leadership.

2. Divisions and polarizations will disappear when this young leadership takes over.

3. Amazingly there will be a change in the very governance system of our country. You will see the Prime Minister coming from one party and the ministers belonging to different parties. Sometimes even those who are opposite to each other will take over as ministers in the same cabinet. Now it’s not possible. But it will happen. And a cabinet will form from people from all parties and from different parties. Practically there will be no opposition. It will be running the Government with policies and with focused agenda for the development of the people and development of the nation.

4. And the top level of governance power will be shared to bring good to the people not to themselves who governed. When this happens remember that your prayers brought this to pass.

Technology Expansion:

1. India will have great growth in various fields of technology. It will lead in food technology, Energy technology, Transportation technology, Health care and communication. You will see India becoming world leader in these areas.

2. Financial Power will shift from the west to the Eastern countries.

3. India’s economic growth will spread all across the nation with more entrepreneurs rising up among the youth and an atmosphere in the nation will be created for this to happen. Young people will be encouraged by the Government itself with adequate support through policies and plan to become entrepreneurs and in India young entrepreneurs will shine with world technology all over the nation. This is God’s plan for the young people of our nation.

4. Real spirituality will come upon our nation according to the Scripture in Haggai 2:6-10. There will be a greater glory in the ministries.

5. And God says He will provide peace to all the ministries in the coming year. Peace to all the churches, peace to all the services rendered by the servants of God to the poor and needy. Today people are harassed for serving the poor and the needy. But God’s glory is going to come upon them. They will do their service peacefully and with no opposition.


Madhya Pradesh:

In Madhya Pradesh after the elections are held in November/ December 2008, these things will happen.

1. A Government which will be favourable to all people shall come to power.

2. After the Government comes to power there will be a favourable atmosphere for investments and growth even in small sector of the State at the village and the district level.

3. The new Government would make policies, plans and would enforce them so that investments from the government and from outside agencies will be brought in all over this state and spread all over the state even in small villages and in the towns. So there will be a uniform growth all over the state without concentration just in one area of the state; there will be an even distribution of wealth in all the regions of the state of Madhya Pradesh resulting in prosperity all over the state.

4. And then the dry lands shall prosper. God will make the dry lands to prosper and yield fruits.

5. There will be unity amongst all groups of people and there will be development and business growth in this state.

6. The women in the state of Madhya Pradesh shall play a dominant role in the affairs of the state. The women shall be the power centre of the state and shall dominate the process of progress in the state.

7. The state will now have international attention.

8. Peace will prevail in the state.

9. Housing sector shall beam in the state

10. The Literacy rate shall increase in Madhya Pradesh and education shall be made available to all people.

11. The Lord says to all those who serve and seek Him, “My glory shall return to my people. Every autocratic authority shall be broken and destroyed. And my peace shall reign amongst the people”.

12. And the Social programmes shall be very effective in the state.

13. And the government that would be formed in Madhya Pradesh shall have stability and shall have peace.

This is God’s plan for Madhya Pradesh.


After the elections in November 2008 the following things shall happen.

1. The Spirit of God shall be poured and the Lord said that His servants shall be used with power.

2. There shall be a great yield of natural resources in the state of Chattisgarh.

3. Education standards shall rise to higher levels and education shall spread all over the state.

4. The Lord said, "His peace shall reign in the state of Chattisgarh."

5. New born babies born in Chattisgarh shall be healthy henceforth.


1. The Lord said, “My name shall be established in the state.”

2. The Lord said, “My sanctifying power shall spread everywhere in the state of Rajasthan.”

3. Great leaders with wisdom shall arise from Rajasthan and shall prosper in business.

4. The wealth that would be generated in the state would be used for the kingdom of God to be established.

5. God’s power, specially, miracle working power shall be exhibited powerfully there in the days to come.

6. The Lord said, "My institutions bearing My name shall grow in stature in the state."

7. The Government shall be run peacefully without even a minor dissidence in the affairs of governance


1. The Lord said, "My hand shall be upon the state of Delhi and My righteousness shall be established."

2. Coexistence shall be promoted in the state and it shall prevail.

3. Growth in economy, in business and in development shall take place in the state.

4. Scientists shall rise up from all communities in the state of Delhi in the days to come.

5. Cooperative growth shall be established in the state in a big way.

Kindly pray that these prophecies should be fulfilled.