Thus says the Lord....

The Lord gave me a revelation again on the 8th April 2016. This was following the earlier visitations on 14th March, 2nd May of 2008 & the 6th April 2014. I believe that there will be a window of opportunity for mankind to hear experience and receive the gospel before the final count down towards the rapture, tribulation and the Lord's coming. Of Course there would be wars, pestilence, natural calamities & human tragedies but God provides hope thru the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind. This prophesy contains the hope God provides for those who believe and accept Jesus renouncing one's sin to follow Him in obedience to His plan for their life.



My name and My word shall be heard across the kingdom of the Mongols. The Mongols shall hear my voice.
And China shall surely be anointed by My Holy Spirit. My face shall shine upon them. The country will establish a front by which it would say that it is impenetrable. But as it becomes stronger and stronger and as it says that, nobody can penetrate into the wall and the web (electronic defence) will its protective wall crumble. A pestilence shall first go across the nations of the East even in greater China. When nobody else can help them they will cry out to me as the pestilence goes across the land. My grace shall then follow and people shall be redeemed. My healing presence shall flow across the land of China. And they will know that I am their only Saviour and their only redeemer. As waters flow from the high mountains so will my anointing and grace flow from China to all the regions around. Today all the regions around tremble at that nation but time will come when My grace will flow to all nations around from that great nation where my name will be resounding in a super natural manner.

They always begin their activities with the sound of the gong of the bells but now they will hear the bells of redemption. There will be great joy.



Then I will move in Russia. I will teach them My word. My word will go all across Russia. The days of the nation being controlled by the mafia will cease. They will lose their power across the world. All their accounts will be made empty and then the revival will fall in Russia and My word will be received by everyone. My word and instruction shall go across Russia.




Then My face will shine upon the Middle East. My Holy Spirit shall come upon the people in the Middle East. They will rise up under my power. The women shall begin to prophesy in the homes and they will bring forth My joy. Joy joy & My spirit of joy shall come through the families. Family after family after family shall be filled with my Holy Spirit. The women and the children shall prophesy and the fathers shall turn towards me and righteousness shall come upon the entire Middle East through their families.



Then My law will be established in Israel. Yes, my plans shall come true in the land of Israel. It shall begin to dictate terms to all the nations of the world. And whatever is decided by Israel shall come to pass in the other nations surrounding it. Then shall the walls of Jerusalem be built. You shall see My glory coming upon the nation of Israel from Jerusalem. The heavenly kingdom shall be connected with earthly kingdom there. And my grace shall flow from the Jerusalem city. Have I not said that My law will be taught in Jerusalem. Surely my children you will see the law which has been fulfilled by my sacrifice being revealed from Jerusalem. Their eyes will be no more be blinded; they will see Me in their spirit. My Spirit shall then proclaim My will across the nations of the world from Jerusalem.



The African countries shall then be set on Spiritual fire. Today, those who are oppressing the people who know Me shall then melt in those days. They will be destroyed as tribes and even as nations. A spirit of prayer shall spread across Africa. They will begin to pray and cry unto me. They will behold signs and visitations and the true prosperity shall begin. They shall become nations of excellence and nations of stature as the women leaders rise up there. I will deal with the witchcraft there and I will break the powers of witchcraft which have emanated in those nations and borders. As the cloud covers the land My spirit of prayer will cover the whole continent of Africa and everywhere people will kneel and pray and cry out to me in one accord. I shall be found of them. And all the human sacrifices that they have made and the children whose blood have been sacrificed will be avenged. The land shall become fertile again and I shall bless them. My prophetic anointing shall surely be upon them and their families. I shall take away terror from their borders and bring peace into their hearts and lives and families.



Then my hand will turn to the Indian region. People there shall be busy buying and selling. And they will even sell their own family members for the sake of money. But then it is at that moment I will intervene. It has been a land of kings, different types of kings - kings in the Mughal Empire, kings amongst the Hindu kingdoms then the British Lords took over. It will now be followed by business kings. I will surely remember the Indian region and I will never forget them. Different, different types of talents shall come out of India. Today as it is known for its entertainment and sports it shall now experience great excitement as I bring forth my miracles all over the country. The demonic powers too will exhibit their power but I will show my power in a greater measure. Great miracles shall I do, signs and wonders shall I exhibit. People shall be endowed with intellectual power to decipher the science and the times in the Indian region. They will also will be made to see My power exhibited through the simple faith of my people. They will see my glory and the grandeur of the greatness of My throne. It will be surrounded by miracles. No man can withstand my power. My light shall destroy those who try to destroy my people for the sake of my name. People shall write great books about the transformation in their lives as I enter into their lives. You will see great and mighty of this world turning towards to me especially in the entertainment kingdom. They will rewrite the history of India.



I will touch the East. I will touch the Australian continent and I shall establish my power there. Today, they deny my name and they walk in unrighteousness. I will surely touch all the western countries from there and my grace shall flow from Australia to all the nations of the West. I will surely reach them and then my kingdom shall be established in all the world.


This is God's prophetical Revelation to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
Please pray that these may be filled. Habakuk 2:2,3