God has imparted to Samuel Paul Dhinakaran, the same powerful anointing of an evangelist that resides upon his parents and grandparents. Just as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran stepped into the shoes of his father at the right age to become the spiritual successor, Samuel Paul Dhinakaran is carrying forth the anointing that has been incumbent upon his parents; humbling himself to accept the Lord’s call to minister unto Him, leaving the world behind him.

Born on July 15, 1990, Samuel was dedicated unto the Lord at the age of four. Soon he was glorifying God and worshiping Him through songs and worship at the beginning of many Jesus Calls Prayer Festivals, sparing time from his study schedule to involve himself in the ministry. However, this was never a challenge to Sam throughout his school years and never deterred him from being at the top of his class.

Brother Sam Paul Dhinakaran, has emerged to be a mighty man Of God. He strives to comfort millions with the comforting Word of God. He is dedicated in building the Kingdom Of God through every opportunity given unto him. He ministers alongside with his family, bringing solace to the brokenhearted and peace to the distressed. 

More like his father and grandfather he prays over the unwell and heartbroken. His grandfather, Late Bro. DGS Dhinakaran, imparted his blessing on him, making him an anointed man of God. Now he operates his talents with an anointing of a double portion.
Brother Sam Paul Dhinakaran hosts many youth meetings and the youngsters get answers to questions about their relationships, career, future, and many spiritual needs. He accomplishes this through a dedicated ministry of Jesus Calls, called The U-Turn. Through this ministry, Brother Sam focuses on reaching millions of young ones and leading them towards the Kingdom Of God.
He prays for thousands of people with a burden for them to be delivered from their bondages. God moves mightily through Bro. Sam enabling thousands to testify the miracle that God has done to them through him.

You may write to Samuel Dhinakaran for your prayer needs: samuel@jesuscalls.org