“... the LORD comforts His people and will have compassion on His afflicted ones.”     (Isaiah 49:13)

The Dhinakarans Dear friends,

Jesus Christ came to comfort all those who are suffering (Matthew 5:4). The Lord himself went through the path of suffering. He did not come into the world just to comfort us with words. But He himself suffered the pain in his own body and soul. The Bible says, “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission” (Hebrews 5:7). He was the son of God, He did not pray for himself. He always prayed for others, even though he was God. He lives forever (Deuteronomy 32:40). So the death could not overcome Him. He is the God who conquers. He thought about that he had to die on the cross for us. He went to a lonely place and prayed with loud cries and tears.

On May 21, 1986, my wife and I were traveling in a car along with our daughter Angel. Suddenly a bus which was coming from the opposite side hit our car. We were all terribly injured. My son rushed to the spot to see us. My wife and I were admitted to a hospital. My daughter Angel was admitted to another hospital. We did not know that my daughter was dead. Her body was kept in a mortuary in the government hospital. People who were close to us from around the world sent a message saying, “Paul, Do not bury the body of Angel. We are praying here for her to rise up alive.”

Every day some man of God would come and ask my son to take them to the mortuary to pray for my daughter Angel, to raise her alive from the dead. My son will take them to the mortuary. The Pastors will pray for hours together for my daughter to come alive. My son will be crying, seeing his sister's face. In the evenings, my son will wash his face thoroughly and smile and come to visit us in the hospital where we were admitted. We will ask him about Angel’s health. My son will say, “Do not worry! She is taken care.” All day he will cry and come to us with a fake face in the evening.

Our Lord was also going through such suffering. Throughout the day he cured the sick and healed the people who were in tears. He inquired of them and smiled at them, hiding the grief that He is going to suffer on the cross. But when He was alone, He prayed to the Father with tears. The Bible says, “For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.” (Isaiah 49:13). Today are you going the path of suffering? Do not worry! He will come near to you and comfort you. He will deliver you from your troubles. The Lord will wipe away your tears. He came to earth to comfort you from the grief. The Lord says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


Heavenly Father,

I come before Your throne of grace, knowing that You an omniscient God. You are the Lord who lives forever. Therefore, I pour out my deepest sorrows and pain that is within me at Your feet. Remove all my suffering from my life. I believe that only You can give me rest and restoration to my body, spirit, and mind. In Jesus’ most holy name,