HELP THOSE IN NEED!Stella Dhinakaran

Taste and see that the LORD is good     (Psalm 34:8)

The Dhinakarans My beloved, December is the month when women begin to think of making delicious eatables for their children, buying dresses and accessories for them and so on. Some of the newly married poor girls who celebrate their first Christmas would worry how their parents would manage the extra expenses and why they were born as a girl. Oh, the miseries of their mothers!

Though such problems are there, nobody fails to celebrate Christmas. Somehow they manage to make eatables at least by getting money on credit and enjoy sharing them with others. We too love tasting these items! However, before tasting them, it would be better if we taste certain things of which the Bible speaks about. If you taste these things well, the hand of God would miraculously protect you from all the problems that rise against you and a way to celebrate this Christmas with real joy would be born.

David the Psalmist says in Psalm 34:8, ‘Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good”. Because he had tasted the Lord’s love and His qualities right from his childhood. That’s why the Lord miraculously guided him by His hand, till his old age (Psalm 37:25; 71:9, 18).

There was a mother who was filled with God’s love and had tasted the comfort of God. Many women used to share with her, their burdens, difficulties, grief and the desires in life. Whenever this mother hears them, she would pray with burden for them and help them as much as she can. Her daughter was watching these good works of this mother. She said, ‘Mom, you pray for all those who come seeking you; you give away all the things that you have bought for you. Why do you do this?” The mother pointed out to her the verse, ‘He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given’ (Proverbs 19:17). She further said, “When we give what we can, to the poor and the needy and be of comfort to them, the Lord will be pleased with us and would write these good works in His account in heaven. He would bless us in this world. One day, when you too become a wife and run a family, you should do such good works and comfort the people”. The daughter kept these words in her heart. Few years rolled by. The daughter got married and entered into a family life. She started following her mother’s instruction and did those good works to the people. The mother’s exemplary life influenced her daughter to do good works and she became a comfort and support to the helpless poor people. Hence, the Lord blessed her both in her family as well as in the society.

My dear parents, remember that your children are observing you. When your lives are examples to them, your family life would be beautiful. You would be respected by your children. This beauty would stay in your family, generation after generation. So let us take pity on the poor. Let us pray to the Lord to bless us so that we could be a blessing to poor people. When we taste the love of God, walk in His ways and give comfort to others, He will deliver us from all evil and make us taste His comfort still more so that we would be of comfort to many more families.


Dear loving Lord,

This day, I come before Your presence and plead You to help me to be Your ears to listen to the cries of the poor and needy people. Help me to be Your voice speaking out love and acceptance. Help me to be Your feet walking beside those in need. Help me to be Your hands to clothe, feed and shelter them. You came for the least, the lost. Lord, hear our prayer and bless me abundantly so that I will be a blessing to many. In Your matchless Name, Amen.