FAITH OVERCOMES!Stella Dhinakaran

Your sorrow will be turned into joy.    (John 16:20)

The Dhinakarans My dearly Beloved,

This world is full of sorrows. Wherever you turn, you can see people lamenting over something or the other everywhere! There is a sudden loss just when the family is flourishing. Sickness in the body, sorrows, sufferings and tears pursue us continuously. This day, you may be living in sorrow. You may have lost all the peace but in the midst of sorrow, the Lord is with us.

He says, “My daughter, I have come to change your sorrow.” Whatever may be your agony, or however hopeless your situation is, the Lord Jesus is waiting to offer you peace and joy. “…your sorrow will be turned into joy” (John 16:20). He has given me this joy throughout my walk with Him. Though years have passed since I lost my husband, the Lord has given me this divine joy and peace and has graciously helped me to proceed in the ministry.

The Bible says in 1 John 5:4 “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.” It is our faith that turns the worries, tears, burdens and sufferings of this world to bring victory. When Jesus was in this world, many who were in sorrow came in search of Him. He always healed them and made them whole.

Beloved in the same way, seek the Lord and place your sorrows at His feet and see how He changes your sorrow to joy and fills you with His peace and joy.


Dear Lord,

Look upon me as I seek You in prayer. Your sacrifice on the cross is the greatest gift of Your grace for me. Take away all ignorance from my heart and let it be filled with Your immense love. Grant me the joy of Your salvation and fill it with Your peace. Father, help me to have overcome every obstacle by my faith in You. Thank You Lord!

In Jesus name