The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.     (Psalm 34:15)

The Dhinakarans Dear beloved, the eyes of the Lord are anxiously looking if we would kneel to pray to him, and His ears are wide open to hear the cries of our heart. This day, He is waiting to hear from you. When you seek the Lord; your life will be greatly transformed. Yes, God hears our prayers and answers us from heaven. Psalm 34:15 says, “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.”

Years ago, once when my father D.G.S.Dhinakaran was staying with a friend, he saw my father spending time in prayer for hours together and wondered how a person could pray for such a long time! He curiously asked my dad how that was possible for him. My dad responded, ‘When I kneel in prayer, Jesus comes to hear my prayer and I see him face to face. I speak to Him and in return He speaks to me like he did with Moses, Paul and His disciples. Moreover, He gives me plans for the upcoming ministry and briefs me how I need to carry out them.’ On hearing my dad, he said, ‘Wow! If that is the case, the next time when Jesus comes, can you please ask Jesus how does he feel about me?’ Oh! It was a funny question.

But later, when my father began to wait in prayer, the Lord said to him, ‘Have not your friend asked you how I feel about Him? Tell him this, “When he first came to this city, he came with nothing in his hands. He slept in the Railway platforms and sought me every day for his daily meal and job. He did this every single day and I took care of his provision and made sure of providing him a job every day. In the evenings, when he returned back, he would kneel down in the platform and thanked me sincerely with all his heart for the ways I led him throughout the day. Wow! I really enjoyed him speaking to me and began to bless him more and more, because he was so grateful to me. I gave him a very good job and provided him a good house, family and children. Today, I have kept him in a position as a manager in a big company. But now, when he returns back from the office, I eagerly await if he would offer a word of prayer. Alas! He throws his briefcase, has his meal, and says to me ‘Lord I am sorry, I am too tired to speak to you today, please excuse me this day and goes off to sleep’ I am just early waiting that he would ask me for his needs and thank me for the blessings I give him. But he does not do so. So, tell him I feel so sorry about him, that he does not speak to me and let Him know I am waiting to hear from Him.” Hearing these from the Lord, my dad told all that the Lord wanted to convey to Him. His friend regretted and started to seek the Lord every day.

My dear beloved, Yes! God is eagerly waiting that we will speak to Him because He is our Father. The Bible says His eyes are wide open and His ears attentive to the prayers we offer to Him (2 Chronicles 6:40; 7:15). Therefore it is important that every day we seek Him for our needs and thank Him for all the good things/deeds He has done in our lives. Seeing the gratitude of our hearts, God will instruct us and teach us in the way you should go and will counsel us with His loving eye on us (Psalm 32:8). Then, the blessings and honour will come searching our way and take us to greater heights. Therefore, in spite of your busy schedule, don’t neglect prayer and reading His word because, the Lord is waiting to hear from you and speak to you.


My dear loving heavenly Father,

I thank you with all my heart for all the blessings You have graciously lavished upon my life so far. Father, I am sorry for the days I have forgotten to be grateful to you. Thank You Father, for showering upon me so many blessings abundantly beyond the way I deserve. Kindly continue to display Your wonders in my life and take care of all my needs. I praise You and thank You for speaking to my heart today. Strengthen me with your Spirit so that I will walk in close communion with You obeying Your voice all the days of my life. In Jesus’ matchless name I pray,