PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come.     (Psalm 65:2)

The Dhinakarans Beloved, how wonderful is to know that our God is the One who always hears the prayer of His children. Yes, we are confident that if we ask anything in His name, we shall surely receive it according to His will. The Psalmist in the Bible says to the Lord, “You who answer prayer, to you all people will come (Psalm 65:2). Today, are you moaning over the adverse condition of life to your friends and Family? The Lord says in Isaiah 65:24, before you call I will answer; while you are still speaking I will hear. So, do not worry. When Jesus is by your side, every mountain like problems will come to nothing!

Once I heard a testimony of a sister residing in Kenya who led a devoted life in Christ. While her husband involved in all the sinful activities and remained unfaithful to her, she never gave up on Him. She continued in praying for His salvation always. And one day, she heard that a powerful preacher was coming to their city to conduct a crusade. So she decided that, she must somehow take her husband along with her to that meeting. Therefore prayerfully she took him there every day. But something happened in the meeting, as the climate was so hot, the preached sweated so badly that his shirt was almost wet. Observing this, after the end of meetings, she kindly approached to him and asked for his shirt, assuring him to bring them back, washed and iron the next day. She continued this every following day. The preacher also being so grateful for her thoughtfulness, let this sister take them with her. But as she took them, she kept this shirt underneath her husband’s bed spread every night without his knowledge and prayed, ‘Lord, let this shirt of the anointed man transform the life of my husband for your glory’. Yes! God honored this faith. To her surprise! In three weeks of time, God began working wonders in his life. He was pricked of the guiltiness of sins, confessed them and received salvation. And today as a deacon of the church, He is witnessing Lord the Almighty. Praise be unto God!

Yes my dear beloved! In James 5:16, the Scripture says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Today, when you also approach God in prayer for the struggles in your family, for the education of your children, for the transformation of your loved one or for any specific need, He will certainly answer your prayers. Remember, you are His beloved child washed by His precious blood. Therefore, whatever you ask in His name, He will definitely hear it and display His supernatural power in your life and family.


Oh! Sovereign Lord,

I praise you this day, for You are worthy of it all. Lord, I beg of you this day to manifest Your wonders in and through my life. With your great mercy, come to my aid and rescue me and my family from all the troubles of this world. Lord, save my family and work wonders among us. Change me and my family into Your likeness for the glory of Your name. I ask this in Jesus Name,