I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.    (Matthew 18:19)

The Dhinakarans JESUS IN OUR SORROW 1ST PART UPTO Amos 3:3 PARA - annan
JC 15 JULY Pg.4
Key verse: Matthew 18:19 20090217

Promise verse: The righteousness of the upright delivers them. (Proverbs 11:6)
My dearly Beloved

When relationships break or when our trusted dear ones depart from us, we are baffled and feel completely lost. Many of us struggle to forget the pleasant times we had with our estranged spouses and lose our peace. God ordained a husband and wife relationship as an incomparable unique relationship.

It is God’s ordinance that a husband and wife should be one (Genesis 2:24; 3:16). Here is an incident which depicts the intimacy of a relationship ordained by God. Once, a young girl’s wedding was held with great grandeur. The young couple began their married life joyously. Within a short span, the husband was affected by the terrible disease of leprosy. Gradually he developed disfigurement and their life became dreadful. The girl’s parents said to her, “Dear child, haven’t you started your life just now? You can’t live with him anymore. So come away with us. This is the age when you should cherish your life. We will get you remarried. You can have a happy and peaceful life. Then your husband also need not feel guilty that he has ruined a woman’s life.” But she said, “Dad, Mom, what you say is right. Yet I don’t have the mind to leave my husband. I am constrained by an unfathomable love and affection for him. How can I leave him in this situation?”

Beloved, this indeed is the intimacy in the relationship between husband and wife! Under any circumstance, when united in God’s divine love the thought of leaving one another or forsaking each other never occurs. However, we see that such love does not exist in many of the families today? Even the couples who ought to be living happily, loving one another and tolerating each other tend to separate. Only when two are agreed, they can walk together (Amos 3:3). Let us then settle into a relationship ordained only by God and invite His presence in our lives..


Dear Lord

Help me always to follow Your way and direction. Father, whoever You have ordained in my life be my life partner. Fill me with Your love Lord that I may live a pleasing to You. Lord fill me with Your Holy Spirit to live a gracious life. Father I thank You and bless You for this wonderful life You have given me.

In Jesus name