A PILLAR OF STRENGTH!Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

…but I have called you friends…    (John 15:15)

The Dhinakarans It is always nice to be in the company of friends. But we can never be sure of who will stand by us during our worst times. No matter how close a relationship we share there are possibilities of a rift or misunderstanding to crop at some point in our life. However, we have one friend who will stand by us like a rock in every storm, every trial and every tribulation we face. Let us know Him deeply.

Jesus calls us His “Friends.” What a great privilege to have the Creator as our friend! Moreover a heart-to-heart talk with Him is what He is exactly yearning for. It is not a superficial relationship and a relationship of a lifetime. Besides, who would not want to be blessed with His knowledge and wisdom to make life easier on this sorrow-stricken world? When we hold on to the Lord and live faithfully, He Himself will show up and fight our battles for us.

Here is one little incident that speaks of the relationship we can build when we are humble in our hearts and attitude. Once, a minister went for the ‘Annual Day’ of a school. Some of the elders asked him, “Sir, You are a great minister; why have you come for the function of this small school?” He replied, “I get invitations from big schools and colleges only by post. But, these people came in person and invited me. That’s why I’ve come here.”

Beloved, Jesus too comes to meet us personally. He loves us and is more than a friend to us in the worst moments of our lives. When we have such a friend shouldn’t we work at establishing a deeper and more meaningful bond with Him that lasts forever? He is a friend who loves us at all times.


Loving heavenly Father

I have always looked at my friends for solace and help. But today I know that there are only for a while and never there to stay. Lord, I want to be your friend. Please also extend your hand of friendship to me and make your friend for life. There is none that loves me like you do and stands by me in times of need and brokenness. Thank You Master for opening the eyes of my heart. Lord, bind me to You forever with cords of love that cannot be broken. Bless you Lord!

In Jesus name