“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”    (Ephesians 4:2)

The Dhinakarans Dear beloved, most of the time we walk through the valley of darkness and become exhausted. We become hopeless of our situations. In such circumstances, all we do is question God. Question Him of why He lets these trials come our way? Why have we to go through them? Why does God remain silent? Does He even look at me?

My dear one, remember that it is God’s desire that as we go through trials we are called to be patient and endure. Patience requires waiting upon the Lord. God’s way of planning is much different from our plans. We want the answers right now, but God knows the right time. God remains silent until we receive His divine blessing through the path of tribulations.

After my dear sister Angel passed away, we were in a broken state not knowing what was coming next. It was then the Lord spoke to us and comforted us saying, ‘Dear children, do not worry yourself because of the slanderous talks of the people. I have allowed it to mould you and bless you even more. Henceforth I will bless you in hundred folds. I will expand your ministry borders. Through each one of you, I will bless my people. Will I ever forsake you who have come to serve me? No! Never. I will be with you always. Do not be troubled.’ When the Lord spoke to us thus, a great divine patience filled our hearts. The enemies who came in one way fled in several different directions. Everyone started embracing us. It all happened when we patiently endured our sufferings and waited for God to do His work.

My beloved, today the Lord is willing to shower this blessing upon you. Are you hated by your peers? By your friends? By your own kith and kin? Do not pay attention to their slanderous rather patiently wait on the Lord for a miracle. Humble yourself, be gentle towards them, be patient and show them the love of Jesus Christ who loved you with an everlasting love (Ephesians 4:2). Surely, a blessing is awaiting you. The Holy Spirit will show you the way to lead a blessed life.


Loving Heavenly Father,
I thank You for the Word You have given to uplift my burdened heart. Father, I submit myself to wait patiently for Your will to be done. Fill me with Your love that I may spread the love of the Calvary to everyone around me and to those who hate me. Bless me with an everlasting blessings. This I plead in Jesus name,