THE LORD IS PERFECT!Stella Dhinakaran

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.    (John 16:33)

The Dhinakarans My dearly Beloved,

When things donít go our way and our dreams are shattered, we are easily shaken and lose our peace of mind. Then sets in depression and unbelief which leads to sleeplessness. Do you even know it is the Satan makes you focus on the situation rather than the Lord? His only desire is to steal, kill and destroy our lives and peace. However, in these times of adversities, when our minds are stayed on the Lord, His peace will be our portion.

Jesus Christ, though being the Son of God was sent by God of gods to this world to undergo tribulations. He endured hostility from sinners against Himself and went through the worst trauma of taking our sins on Himself. So great was His agony that His sweat turned to drops of blood. Yes, the life of Jesus Christ did not end with His death. On the third day, He rose again, conquering death. He perfected His obedience, patience and the will of God till the end and finally was exalted to the Highest position in Heaven that every knee should bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord.

In my life too, when I decided to walk in the ways pleasing to Christ and gave myself completely to Him, He led me through afflictions. Soon after marriage, I had a miscarriage at first and secondly, I had a still-born child. Those who have gone through this path alone can understand the agony that I underwent.

And the third time, my son Paul was born, by the grace of God. After that, the Lord poured His Holy Spirit on us graciously. In those days, as the eyes of many were blinded from the power of the Holy Spirit, many in our family and in our locality turned against us. Besides, we were stricken by poverty. Many times, we had to pass through the valley of the shadow of death.

Beloved, when you walk in the ways of the Lord, though you may undergo many afflictions, the perfect peace of our Lord will keep your steady. The Lord is perfect and so is his love which will cast off every fear in you.


Dear Lord,

Please listen to the my prayers and answer them. You are the Lord who knows the desires of my heart. Place Your nail-pierced hands of blessing upon me. Let Your mighty power descend upon me. Lord, thank You for this blessed day. We praise You, for You gave Yourself to deliver us from our afflictions. To You alone be all glory and honor forever.

In Jesus name,