I am a "Jesus Calls" and "Family Blessing Plan" partner. Not only that, I am a partner in Prayer Tower Building Fund. I am blessed with two girls. For my eldest daughter even at the age of 30, we were unable to find a good life partner and her marriage was getting delayed. I immediately enrolled her as a partner in the "Jesus Calls" Television Club. Following that, in January 2014 "Jesus Calls" Television program, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in his New Year message said, "This year girls in your family will get married; God will bring the right partner who wouldn't make any demands." Exactly as he mentioned, within two months, in March my eldest daughter got married and the groom lovingly accepted her without any demands and that was a great miracle in our family. On 11th July 2015 she gave birth to a boy baby and we named him Alwyn Christiano. Even when he was in his mother's womb we made a vow that we will enrol him in the Young Partners' Plan. Accordingly on the 4th day after he was born, we made him a Young Partner. On the 15th day of his birth it was found that he had a calcium deficiency and he was admitted in hospital and was in the ICU for four days. At that time, I made a vow that I will testify the miracle in "Jesus Calls" magazine if he gets healed. What a miracle! He got healed immediately. But three months later, another phase of trouble shot up. A problem in his eyes was detected. He neither recognized nor smiled at anybody. The doctor said that MRI scan has to be taken. We were totally broken. Yet trusting in God I rushed to National Prayer Tower, Delhi and prayed for him. The prayer intercessors prayed with much burden and God performed a mighty miracle. The MRI scan was not taken. He slowly started to receive healing from God and now he is perfectly alright. On 11th July 2017, that is, on his second birthday we are sponsoring a "Jesus Calls" television program. Earlier, we always had debt problem tormenting our family. Though four members of our family were earning a good salary we had no peace or joy but when we started giving to the "Jesus Calls" ministry, God has blessed us immeasurably and we are now able to give to others. We have no debts today. We are truly enjoying Godís presence in our family. We can feel the supernatural power of God guiding us every day. In all kinds of situations we are able to be courageous. Even in my work place I can feel God's wisdom in me. I praise God for "Jesus Calls" ministry.

---- Ms Elizabeth Rajan, New Delhi.

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."

Loving Lord, I praise you and thank you for the life that you have given me. Many a time weariness, agony, insufficiencies and pain torment my body. Today I seek you with all of my heart and soul and pray that thou will bless me with good health and strength in my body and deliver me from all my heartaches. I know that you will bless me and keep me safe in your arms because I am your child and you are my God. I commend this day into your hands awaiting a miracle.


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