I am a young partner of Jesus Calls Ministry. Last year, I wrote my 10th exams. Before every exam, I contacted the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower over the phone and get prayed. That time, a Prayer Warrior prayed for me and prophesied that God would help me to get a total of 495 marks. I believed in those words. The Lord strengthened me to do all my exams well. When the results were published, I had got 100 in three subjects- Maths, Science and Social and 98 in Tamil & English. The Lord gave one more mark than what was told by the Prayer Warrior and helped me secure the third place in the Tuticorin District. I offer millions of praises to the Almighty God for His miracle and the prayer warrior for their earnest prayers.

---- C Johana, Trichendur, Tamil Nadu

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."

Loving Heavenly Father!

I am so worried and anxious about my studies. I am scared of my exams and I have absolutely no confidence on my own wisdom Lord! You have promised to give wisdom to those who ask You. So I have come to You with faith and great expectations. Father! Forgive me for all the time I have wasted and forgive all my shortcomings. I realize the importance of my studies and I look to You for help. I totally rely upon You Master for You are the treasure house of all wisdom and knowledge. Guide me to do my exams well and grant me victory Lord. In Jesus Name,


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