My husband had been addicted to alcohol for the past 13 years. Every day, he used to quarrel at home. Whenever we go out, he used to humiliate me and it was very hurting. Then, coming to know about the Jesus Calls Family Blessing Ministry through my sister, I enrolled my family in it. As a result of that, my whole family received deliverance from all our problems. Glory to God!

---Sis. S. Kumutha, Trichy, Tamil Nadu


My husband had been an alcoholic for 11 years. Therefore, I was spending my days in deep agony. I took part in the Jesus Calls Tuesday Fasting prayer and prayed that my husband should be delivered from the drinking habit. The prayer warriors keenly prayed for my husbandís deliverance from the bad habit. In response to their prayers, the Lord miraculously delivered him from alcohol. Glory to God!

---Mrs. Bagavathi Vijayakumar, Chennai

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,

I praise You and worship You. You came to the world to deliver us from our struggles. I am struggling with alcohol addiction. I want to be delivered from this habit. You never condemn those who come to You for forgiveness. Have mercy on me. Cleanse me with your blood and forgive me. Help me quit this habit totally and change me into new person.

In Your matchless name I pray.


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