Sis. Mercy testifies how God miraculously healed her without a surgery.

My name is mercy. In the year 2010, I had heavy bleeding and suffered a lot. We consulted all famous gynecologists in our city. After a scan the result showed that a cyst was formed in the ovaries. I was advised to undergo a surgery. The doctors advised I first try medicines which may avoid the surgery. I took antibiotics and very strong injections. But the bleeding did not stop. It persisted. Due to the bleeding I became very weak and could not go to work. I went into a depressed state.
In this situation, we mailed Dr. Paul to pray for me. Dr. Paul prayed and replied God will do the miracle. He asked us to wait and believe on God. In the meanwhile, the doctor again advised the surgery needs to be performed. He said the cyst needs to be removed through a surgery only. The operation date was fixed. They prepared me for the surgery and gave me anesthesia also. I was on the operation bed and suddenly doctor said he wanted to do some more tests. In that semi - conscious state itself they took a scan. To their surprise the scan report which was taken on the previous day and on that day was quite different. The report read "Normal ovaries no sign of any cyst". Immediately the operation was cancelled.
Today, there is a great change in my health condition. God strengthened me. I improved in health. I resumed going to work and other activities. Not only that, God did many other miracles. My son Noel studying in 10th std. used to send a mail that Dr. Paul should pray for him. Dr. Paul replied saying that God will give Noel a bright future. In 2013 my son was awarded a silver medal in a national talent test. In sports also he got many medals and in 400 meters he stood first and got the gold medal.
I praise God who did many miracles in our lives and also thank Dr. Paul and prayer warriors who are praying continuously for us.


"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,
You submitted yourself to suffering and offered yourself as a sacrifice for my sake. I am tormented by sickness. Isaiah 53:5 says, "by his wounds we are healed." I earnestly pray for my healing. Please heed my fervent prayer seeking forgiveness and healing. Touch me with your powerful hands and heal my sickness with your stripes. Grant me a miraculous healing. In Your matchless name I pray.


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