Cibi's Testimony

Though born and brought up in a Christian family I felt, “I didn’t need Christ right now.” the world looked greater to me. I had everything in life in control. And sort of avoided Christ for a while. But it wasn’t for very long. Soon, the world became a burden to me. I was in agony. The pressures of failing and responsibility brought anxiety and pain to my life.

It was at this moment I came to one of Sis. Stella Dhinakaran’s meeting. I sat in the meeting with a great burden. Till then I have never asked for salvation. But that day I was desperate to experience the salvation of Christ. I prayed to receive the joy of salvation. During the prayer time, dear Aunty asked, “My dear young children, what blessing do you need today, ask the Lord and He will give you? And she further prayed for young children. Her words encouraged me to step forward and asked the Lord for His forgiveness and mercy. So, along with her I prayed, “Come into me Lord, as You were upon Daniel; let me be a good testimony for You and live for Your glory like Daniel; let Your glory come upon me. I should be a witness for you and rise up as a righteous person”. I gave myself completely to Jesus and felt the presence of God mightily. I came with agony and now I am at peace. I am grateful to God because even at my worst He found me, loved me and accepted me as His son. Praise God.

---- Cibi, Chennai

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."

My Heavenly Father!

I thank You for encouraging me through Cibi's testimony. Father, I pray for the joy of salvation to fill me. I want to experience the same as Cibi did. Let me receive grace before You. Let me be a living testimony for your name's glory. Take me to great heights and help me to bring others to Your kingdom. In Jesus' name, I pray,


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