Sis. Sarala kumarai testifies how God blessed her and her family.

My name is Sarala kumarai from Guntur, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar. In 1986 I wrote a letter to Dr. Dhinakaran for the gift of child. He replied saying that God will bless me with the gift of child. God blessed me with a baby boy and after 3 years a girl. After that I totally forgot about the ministry. My son was quite dull in his studies and I used to be in tears praying for him always. A relative told me to register him in Jesus calls - Young Partners Plan. I got him registered and my son scored 60% marks. Next, I registered my daughter also in the Young Partners Plan. My daughter scored 9.3 points in 10th. I always had a desire that like other children my children should also receive mementos. As per my desire, my daughter received a cash memento from our society as she scored 9.3 points in Std. 10, in 2014.
After that I donated for Delhi National Prayer Tower and prayed God bless me with a 2 or 3 storey building for all of us to live together. Within three months after donating to Delhi national prayer tower, God graciously helped to build 2 storey building with more than 20 lakhs. After that I desired to start an Esther Prayer Group ministry and I stared an EPG group from 2013 November. We used to write letters to Aunty Stella regarding our prayer requests in our groups. Aunty also will pray for us and God did miracles in our lives. Due to this ministry God helps us to increase our faith.
I also thank Jesus Calls ministries and their prayer warriors for their prayers.


"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,
You are the Living God who fills me with Your abundant blessing. You know how weary and sorrowful I am in my daily life. Please remove all the weariness from my life and fill me with Your goodness. Give me the grace to depend on you and to experience Your blessings all the days of my life. I thank You for showering all Your blessing on me. In Jesus' mighty name, I pray.


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