Abundant Blessing

After completing my graduation in 1997, I wanted to do my own business. As I did not have enough money to invest, I could not start a business. Finally, I took a loan from a bank and started a printing business. But this business was running at a loss. At this juncture, I got married. My wife conceived nearly after 1 years. But she had a miscarriage during the sixth month of her pregnancy. It was at that juncture we heard about the Jesus Calls Family Blessing Plan and enrolled our family in it. Three months after enrolling our family in that divine plan, my wife conceived again. The Lord graciously blessed us with a lovely girl child. We enrolled her in the Jesus Calls Young Partners Plan. I also enrolled my business in the Business Blessing Plan. Through the divine wisdom granted to me by God, I started a new business without any investment. The Lord blessed my business in such a way that I could earn Rs. 1,00,000/- in the very first month. In order to express my gratitude to God who remembered me when I was poor, I sent my thank offering to the Jesus Calls ministry which is helping the poor people in so many ways. The Lord has been continuously blessing our family and our business in an abundant measure. I give all glory to Him alone.

---Bro. Bharathi Dasan, Chennai

Blessings in business and family

We have been going through the problem of debts for the past three years. We were in great agony without knowing how to repay all our debts. Even our business was not prospering. It was at this juncture we happened to watch one of the Jesus Calls TV programmes. Through that, we learnt about the TV Sponsorship Plan. We too sponsored a programme by sending Rs. 10,000/-. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran gave Zephaniah 3:15 as a promise for us and prayed with much burden for the prosperity of our business and for the family of my sister-in-law in that special programmme. What a wonder! As mentioned by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the Lord began to prosper our business. Both my sister-in-law and her husband, who were separated, got reunited within a few weeks after his prayer. Above all, the Lord graciously delivered us from all our debts. All glory to God! We are deeply grateful to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran who not only gave us a promise verse but also prayed fervently for us through the TV Programme.

---Mrs. M. Pandi, Chennai

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,

You are my divine Provider. I depend on You for all my needs. I seek Your blessing on the work of my hands. May Your favor rest upon me. Please strengthen me to do my work efficiently. Bless the efforts of my hands and reward my hard work. Prosper me in everything.

In Your matchless name I pray.


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