I was addicted to alcoholism and drugs that ruined my life. I also got into the company of gangsters and I became a rogue. I would burn Bibles, torture pastors and other Godly men. It was at this time that Jesus Calls Prayer Festival took place in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh in the year 2001. I attended the meeting on the first day with my friends fully drunk. I witnessed the miracles of God but I condemned the Holy Spirit. I said that calling of the names of people and their problems was false. That night I felt very lonely and that my life void. Deciding to end my life, I tried to hang myself but God intervened in my life through my brother who happened to pass by that way. He stopped me and asked me why I took such a decision. I told him about my wicked life and all that I had done to men of God. My brother said, “Jesus loves you! He will forgive each of your sins.” I thought to myself, “If Jesus loves me and has accepted me as His child then He should call my name through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in the next day’s meeting.” The next day during prayer time, as led by the Holy Spirit, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called my name and mentioned about my life, my whole body trembled under the power of the Holy Spirit and all my addictions left me that very instant! I started doing ministry since 2007 and God is using me mightily to draw souls to Him. The prophecy that God spoke to me about my future is still being fulfilled.


"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus!

I cry out to You to have mercy on me. Look at my sinful state Lord, it’s impossible for me to break free from my addictions. Thoughts about wrong deeds keep coming in my mind again and again. I’m unable to resist or do anything good in life. My life is ruined because of my addictions. Lord, deliver me from my addictions and build my life. Please break the power of addictions in my life and help me to live a life that pleases you. Help me, restore my health and heal the relationships that have been strained because of my wrong deeds. Make me a witness to Your power and glory. Bless me with a peaceful and happy life. In Jesus name I pray,


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