Mighty power

I was going through physical weakness for the past one year. I could neither bend nor stand erect. All medical treatment proved futile. It was at this juncture I happened to attend the Jesus Calls Family Blessing Meeting. While dear Sis. Stella Dhinakaran prayed, the mighty power of God descended upon me and all my physical weakness disappeared immediately. Now I am able to do everything. Praise be to God.

---Sis. Pushpa, Villupuram

Weakness vanished

I suffered from severe physical weakness. Unable to bear my weakness, I wanted to commit suicide. I was unable to eat anything. It was at this juncture one of my neighbours told me about the Jesus Calls Family Blessing Meeting and took me there. I was sitting there with great agony. While dear Sis. Stella Dhinakaran prayed, a mighty anointing which flowed from her hand came upon me and instantaneously all my physical weakness vanished. Now I am enjoying good health. I returned home with a great confidence that I will live for the Lord. I give all glory to Jesus.

---Sis. Valli, Thiruvallur

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,

You are the Wonderful Healer. I plead for Your healing grace as I am struggling with sickness. I trust in Your loving grace. Please send Your healing grace into me and set me free from my sickness. Remove my weakness and restore my strength.

In Your matchless name I pray.


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