Darkness dispelled

I suffered from heavy pain in my chest. It was very difficult for me to stay alone at home even during the day. Suddenly my hands and legs would get paralyzed. I suffered like this for about five years. Moreover, I was also tormented by an evil spirit and did not enjoy good health even for a single day. Hence I came to the Jesus Calls Meeting held in Madurai seeking deliverance from God. During the prayer time, I prayed along with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for God to deliver me completely. Suddenly I felt as if somebody was pushing me down. Immediately something like fire went out from my body, and at that moment, the Lord Jesus delivered me completely; He dispelled darkness from me within a moment. Now I am enjoying good health. I give all glory to the Lord Jesus.

---Sis. Jemima, Madurai

“Mr. Rueben, the Holy Spirit is delivering you”

My original name was Sridhar, but after I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, on 3rd January 2004, He gave me the name Reuben. Only a very few know me by that name. On one occasion, I attended the Jesus Calls Meeting held in Karimnagar. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called me by my name Reuben, I was amazed. He said, “Mr. Rueben, you are being tormented by the evil spirits. Reuben, the Holy Spirit is descending upon you now and delivering you.” As revealed by him, from 2001, I was unable to pray even when I wanted to pray. I was under the bondage of the evil spirits. That day when Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed, I also joined him in prayer. By the mighty power of God, all the evil spirits which were dwelling in me left me. Above all, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and all my fear vanished. Now I have great joy and peace in my heart. Praise the Lord.

---Bro. Rueben, Karimnagar

"Here is a prayer for your miracle. Pray with faith and receive your blessings."


Loving Lord Jesus,

You are the Mighty Deliverer. I place my faith in Your mighty power and call upon You to deliver me from the bondage of evil. Let Your mighty power descend upon me and dispel darkness from my life. Please deliver me from the bondage and help me to enjoy good health, joy and peace.

In Your matchless name I pray.


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