The Bible tells us of a little boy who gave what he had, five loaves and two fishes to the Lord who blessed it and fed more than five thousand people who had gathered to hear Him. This little boy became a blessing to thousands. In same way, your children can be a great blessing to millions of broken-hearted people around the globe. The Young Partners Plan offers an opportunity for children to take part in this divine endeavor and God-given mandate to reach out to lonely and forsaken souls in this world. The Lord who watches from heaven will surely bless your generous gesture by protecting your children from evil, fill them with His divine wisdom and His prosperity will follow them all the days of their life.

No age limit ! Can be a young partner till one's marriage. Can donate any amount monthly!

You can send in a monthly contribution of Rs. 100/- and enroll your child in the Young Partners Plan. The special privileges are:

1. The Dhinakaran family and the prayer intercessors pray continuously and fervently for your children claiming God’s promise over your children’s life.
2. A Certificate will be sent to the Young Partner when the partner completes donation of Rs. 3000
3. A Special Birthday card will be sent to the Young Partner from the Dhinakarans.
4. Prayer Intercessors will call and pray for every young partner on their birthday.
5. A promise verse will be sent every day through SMS.

You can also send your photos to with your name, date of birth and mobile number.

Payment Options

Cheque /DD drawn in favor of "Jesus Calls".
Money order mentioning "Young Partners' Plan".

Address to be sent to:
Jesus Calls,
16 Dr D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road,
Chennai – 600 028

Online - by credit card, debit card or net banking
You can also make this payment at your nearby Prayer Tower