The UTURN meeting was organized on Saturday, the 9th of January 2016 at CNI Cathedral where Samuel Paul Dhinakaran and Stella Ramola shared the word of God for the youth. This event had more than 10,000 youngsters participating in it.

The event began at 5:30 with a prayer. In order to keep the crowd lively random questions were being asked to them. This made them get to know each other and keep themselves active throughout the event.

The praise and worship session at the venue was led by the Karunyans bringing about the presence of the Holy Spirit upon each and everyone gathered.

As soon as Samuel Paul Dhinakaran took over, the Holy Spirit revealed to him about the technical developments that the city of Raipur would have in future.

This was followed by the word of God from Samuel Paul Dhinakaran on the topic "SHACKLES OF SIN".

"Don't hide with the spirit of fear, but live with God's spirit and conquer the world...Be the light of this world" said Samuel, encouraging the youth and motivating them to be strong in the Lord.

The DVD "Are you ready" by Samuel Paul Dhinakaran was released during this event...

In the next segment, Stella Ramola explained to the youth "HOW TO BE FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF SIN".

"When you thirst for God's righteousness, God will help you conquer sin" said Stella.

She was filled with compassion and sang the song "Break every chain" during which a demonic possessed lady was delivered.

The following segment was an interactive session #AskMeWhy where the youngsters at Raipur posted questions on social media asking Samuel and Stella about their personal life and other funny topics, which were answered by Samuel and Stella then and there.

The event concluded with a testimony from Rajendra."I was an alcohol and drug addict, physically unfit and also a failure in my studies. It was then that I contacted the Raipur prayer tower. Through their prayers my life was transformed and now I'm enlisted in Chhattisgarh police list. All glory to God" testified Rajendra.

On the whole, God's presence and supernatural anointing was felt by the youth at the Raipur, strengthening them and encouraging them to face their tomorrow with God's strength.