A Special prayer for exam-going students was conducted on 7th February at Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School, Chetpet (Chennai).Thousands of students from the city of Chennai and adjoining areas participated in this meeting. Heads of Schools and Teachers from various schools also took part in this meeting.

Special Choreography and Skit were performed by students of Karunya University and Jesus Calls Youth team.

Samuel Dhinakaran interviewed students who had succeeded in facing their exams who shared their experiences to the gathering.

Samuel Paul Dhinakaran and Stella Ramola sang a special song in this event encouraging the students to face the exams boldly with God’s guidance.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran gave a powerful message briefing the students on how to face the exams without any fear by instilling confidence through faith in the power of the Almighty.

Many students who got high scores through attending last year Students Meet came and testified for God’s glory. Here we present a few testimonies to boost your faith.

Merin Varghese, a Young Partner, used to call the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower each day before her exam. God honoured her faith and blessed her with State 1st rank holder with a total of 500/500!

Abishma had a kidney stone from her childhood due to which her kidney stopped functioning. It was then that her parents enrolled her in the Jesus Calls Young Partners Plan. She is now hail and healthy, also God strengthened her during her 10th STD exams, giving her a total of 499/500 securing the State 2nd rank.

Punitha had scored low marks in her 10th STD and was depressed. During the Students Meet, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called out her name saying "Punitha, you’re crying and heartbroken. The Power of God is coming upon you. God will make you become an IAS officer. She came forward to testify and glorified God’s name.