The Lord of hosts has sworn, saying, “Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass and as I have purposed, so it shall stand” (Isaiah 14: 24). “My plans have not come to pass in this nation so far. But in the days to come, I will accomplish all that I have planned,” proclaimed the Holy Spirit. According to Luke 10:18, the Lord declares the downfall of Satan’s kingdom and dominion like lightening from heaven. The Lord has also broken every barrier that the devil set up to stop the nation from being blessed and the people from witnessing God’s might.

1. In the coming days God will raise up leaders both in the state level and in the centre who love the Lord and fear Him. They will assume office and through this there shall prosperity and justice in the land.

2. God will continue to prosper our nation through the growth of Foreign Exchange.

3. The talks on our nation to unite the rivers will intensify in the coming days. By this, prosperity and commerce shall flourish.

4. Patriotism of our nation will grow stronger and through this the quality of our products in the international market shall increase.

5. The standard of education will increase and there shall be greater changes in the field of education through which the nation shall prosper.

6. The military force of our nation will strengthen. By this, the Indian military force on the international level shall grow into a very mighty force.

7. In the Central India a fire shall burst forth from the depth of the earth like a volcanic eruption and spread rapidly. I saw this in my spirit and after the eruption, prosperity flowed from that place and to other parts of India. It also signified the power of the Holy Spirit spreading to other parts of India. A mighty revival would take place.