1. Year of abundant prosperity for My people (Malachi 3:10, Isaiah 35:2, Psalm 65:11). They shall reap abundantly for all that they have sown with tears during the past years. My people shall have great joy and rejoicing through that (Psalm 126:15).

2. This year you will see My Excellency and splendor (Isaiah 35:2). I will show My power to do miracles in all ministries and make the world know and acknowledge Me as God, as the King of Kings, to establish My name in all nations.

3. This year, I will elevate those who profess Me to high positions and high levels in the nations. I will make them an excellence. (Isaiah 60:15).

4. New leaders will be brought to leadership positions in various nations. They will rise from obscurity. They will be persons who profess Me publicly. They will win the elections and be nominated, for proclaiming Me publicly and promising to bring Christ and His values back to their nation.

5. This year top scientists and sports stars shall acknowledge the Lord publicly. The Lord shall enable the scientists who acknowledge Him to publish new scientific discoveries the world over. Through this a mighty revival shall start in Universities, especially in England and Europe.

6. This year Godís servants and Godís people shall be honoured and elevated publicly (Psalm 91:15, Isaiah 61:7) and shall have double portion for all shame (Zephaniah 3:19).

7. This will be a year for India. There shall be new scientific theories and inventions coming out of India, both in science and industry. Truly India shall figure in the world map in this area. Through this the Indian Ministers also shall be honoured and shall have an open door worldwide.

8. Godís servants shall have good health, prolonged life and a great satisfaction in their life, in their health and in their Ministry, in all areas where they had laboured so much all these years (Psalm 91:16).

9. This year, terrorism against Godís people all over the world shall be kept suppressed under the mighty hand of God and a mysterious calm shall descend in many countries.

10. This year, the top people shall turn from running after witchcraft but shall seek the Lord seeing the miracles performed by Him through His servants. Gold and silver shall flow into each Ministry even from the riches of the wicked (Isaiah 60:5, 6).