Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prophesied regarding the nation of England!

A Meeting was conducted for the first time in London on 24th November, 2006 at the Excel Centre under the leadership of Pastor E.A. Adeboye from Nigeria. Over 35,000 people gathered and listened to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran who gave Prophetic word. People were filled with awe as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prophesied regarding the nation of England!

  • The Lord is mindful of England
  • A revival will break forth in this land and people will hunger for the living God.
  • New developments will take place in levels of authority in the political realm.
  • New leaders will come to power and take positions as ordained by God.
  • The Lord will cause the people to elect these leaders who will bring back Christians values to this nation.
  • People will begin to grow in the knowledge of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The hand of God shall come upon the Universities of this nation where revival shall first breakout.
  • God fearing men and women in Universities will come out with new inventions inspired by God and openly confess their faith.
  • The testimonies of these people will draw many students to Christ.
  • The hand of God shall touch the top sportsmen and their witness shall touch the young people in large numbers.
  • Those who believe in God shall be lifted to successful positions in the sports realm.
  • It is God's will to bless and prosper the Church of England.
  • God fearing homes will prosper and they will not be touched by the vagaries of nature.