This meeting is going to be the forerunner for a mighty pouring out of the Lord’s Holy Spirit in the next four years, just like how the earlier revivals followed each ministry or similar meeting. This meeting will create history and this is a moment of destiny!

The Lord says, “Today I am sending the rains of Holy Spirit as a Reward to those who are serving Me. Now Heaven is rejoicing. Those in the Kingdom are shaking. Something supernatural is happening. The powers of heaven are descending and the foundation of the devil is breaking. The One who said, “once more I will shake not only the earth, but also heaven,” is shaking it and Nations are being opened. The voices of the martyrs are calling before his throne and the Lord is listening to their cries. He says, “Lo! I am sending down the reward for my ministries and ministers”.

This year is going to be a year of glorification for the righteous people. The days of worries over lack of finance for building church, orphanages, to support ministries etc., are getting over from today onwards. He is going to send money to all the ministries and ministers in `good measures, pressed down, shaken together, and running over’. Whatever has to be built will be built up. Each Church is going to be extended and is going to be turned as a place of refuge for the people.

This year, the Lord Jesus is going to fully save and keep each soul that believes in Him. He is going to give salvation to the nation, world, the people and every church. Through the ministry of each church, the reward of the salvation of the soul is going to come down. He is going to open the hearts of many and will open doors for the Gospel all over the world, in the next four years.

In every country leaders who respect Him are going to be appointed. Those who bear His name and proclaim about Him will take up important portfolios such as IAS officers etc., in the country. They will be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the Lord is going to lift them up as Daniel and Joseph. So far the leaders considered it a fashion to reject Jesus and they were acting accordingly. But in the coming days, new leaders will take authority. They will tell, “Oh! Terrorism is taking away the peace in the country and the only way to wipe out terrorism is the Truth of the Lord Jesus. This is the right time to seek the Lord Jesus". So, according to Isaiah 2:1-4, each leader of the nations, will open doors and ways for all the churches and ministries to preach the Gospel.

Doors will be opened for the Television Ministries also. Many more doors will be opened through the Internet. The Lord will make many more new technologies to be invented and through that He will make the nations' leaders to send His word.

Specially, the Word of God is going to be taken to other countries from India in these 4 years and the reward of the salvation of souls is going to come upon the Saints. Godly men and women. Then the nation will open.

You shall see this till 2008. The next 4 years will have open doors and there will be no devil to hinder this. In the coming days, all the devils shall fall down one by one, just like in the days of the Bible when Dagon fell before the ark of the Lord. People of every sort and kind and as nations will turn to the Lord and know His truth. These 4 years are the days of preparation for the second coming of Jesus.

Presently, there are lot of humiliations and obstacles for so many Voluntary Organizations. But in the coming days, the Lord is going to give such people glorious days. He will not only give spiritual blessing but also will open doors to do good needs for the people in His name. The Lord is going to do it.