This year will be a year of Godís glory.

Godís glory will operate all through this year. In 2012, Godís glory will come down heavily upon the earth. According to Isaiah 60:2, darkness will come upon the earth, deep darkness will come upon the people of the earth. But the Lord shall arise upon His people and His glory will be seen upon them.

In this year the signs of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will begin to be seen in the heavens (Matthew 24:30,29) Darkness shall come upon the earth. Sun and the Moon will be darkened and the stars will fall. The powers of Heaven will be shaken.

Deep darkness shall come upon the multitudes of people as they would be harassed and helpless and shall wander like the sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36).

Firstly the people shall be harassed being blinded through the lust of their eyes (1 John 2:16, Matthew 6 :22,23) which shall bring darkness into their lives. But Godís glory shall come upon the people as an antidote who will be filled with the Lord Jesus, the light of the world (John 8:12). According to 2 Corinthians 3:18, God's glory shall transform them into the image of Lord Jesus. The people caught up in deep darkness, shall find the light through His glory.

Secondly, whoever hates his own brother or sister or anyone, shall be covered with deep darkness (1 John 2:11). People who call themselves as Godís disciples but yet are lovers of money like Judas (2 Timothy 3:1,2, 1 Timothy 1:20) will have deep darkness upon them this year and end up like Judas, as Satan entered into him (John 13:27). As they act jealously against the genuine servants of God and try to desecrate them, unable to tolerate their prosperity in Ministry, Godís glory will be seen on them which will in turn bring deep darkness upon these jealous lovers of money to end themselves.

This year will be a year of "great prosperity" for Godís people who have been harassed by these wicked and jealous so called disciples, so far, as Godís glory comes upon them bringing them riches to compensate for their agony so far. Every such ministry will prosper this year (Ephesians 3:19; Philippians 4:19). According to Isaiah 45:2,3, Godís glory will open the treasures of the darkness which are hidden from them (Jeremiah 31:8).

Godís glory will come upon those who harass Godís servants out of ignorance. (Acts 9:1-3). Their deep darkness will go as Godís glory comes upon them this year. God will transform your family members who harass you now for following the Lord and they will become mighty servants of God, like Paul the Apostle as Godís transforming glory will come upon them.

According to Genesis 15:12-14, deep darkness with the fear of the future shall come upon the nation this year. But, Godís glory shall come upon Godís people bringing the prophetical word from God as it came to Abraham to dispel the darkness from Godís people about their future. Godís people will bring Godís glory through the prophetic word to the nation which will bring solutions to the nationís problems. Acts 2:17 will be fulfilled in the nation this year. The Jesus Calls National Prayer Tower in Delhi is established just to prophesy for the nation. It shall begin to happen in other countries also.

As darkness descends, godly fear will come upon Godís people which will bring Godís word of glory to them (Exodus 20:20,21). Godís people and the nation will be protected from the attack of the devil.

2012 will witness great miracles through Godís people on the nation. Jesus shall reveal His glory through miracles (John 2:11). When the glory of God descends upon the nation, the Angels of God will bring the glory of God to Godís people throughout this year (Luke 2:9-10). The Angels shall deliver Godís servants and Godís people from bondages and open the closed doors for them to enable them to preach Godís word to all people. They shall not be bound. (Acts 12:7-10).

2012 will be year of "OPEN DOORS" (Revelation 3:8). God will open the windows of heaven and shower His blessing upon His people.(Malachi 3 :10). God shall appoint an Angel for all His people to connect heaven with them. (Matthew 18:10). Even during testing times, God will send His Angels to bind the mouths of the lions and to bring honor (Daniel 6:22).

2012 will be year of "GREAT HONOUR". Just like the Angel strengthened Elijah and led him to receive the grace to anoint Prophets and Kings, it shall happen to Godís people this year (I Kings 19:15-17). In 2011, servants of God went through physical weakness; but in 2012, Godís glory will strengthen them. He will make them to arise and shine for Him through Godís glory.The kings and rulers will come in search of Godís children.The prophetic grace will be upon the children of Godís people and they will occupy high positions in the nation. The Angel of His presence will save Godís people and lead them to where God wants his servants to be (Isaiah 63:9, Acts 8:26).

The whole of this year, the glory of God will be upon His children and their families and upon Godís ministries and His servants.

This year those who have practiced witchcraft against God's people, harassed God's People shall come out of darkness. This shall be the year of their deliverance.

Super stars of this world shall come to God's light as God's glory shall fall upon them and bring them out of the darkness which has bound them.

India shall have great peace within. My face shall shine on each state and shall bring forth great unity among its people. Wealth also shall be generated in each state.

However, India shall fight over water. Until they resolve this water problem in the nation, God's blessings will not come upon India. This will be the next major issue in the country.

Developments in space missions, inventions in space technology and in space regarding stars and the atmosphere around the earth shall take place to help humanity.

New resources from fossils shall be found, they will also have biblical value.

Peaceful transition of power and wealth will take place in key countries of the world and this will usher in key leaders of influence who will later be ushering in Godís peace into the world. Their propaganda of God's peace shall be from Godís word. They will be known as ambassadors of peace. A network shall be formed amongst them. The gospel of peace also shall reach the world through them. Those countries shall profit much and shall open their doors for the gospel.

My grace shall come upon the atlantic ocean where the depth of the sea shall bringforth great forms of life to sustain mankind in the realms of medicine specially in growing tissues for healing and health. He that hears My voice shall be careful to invest in it. Behold My Angel shall be seen when these are found in the ocean. My glory shall shine forth in them.

My peace shall radiate upon My warriors who have labored hard until now and they shall find rest in Me. Their patience shall hence forth bear fruit in each country.

A new generation of young warriors shall rise up in My kingdom who shall have the blend of technology, be courageous and shall conquer the ends of the earth through My word. My peace shall reign supreme in their hearts and souls. They shall know me and knowledge shall shine forth on them through My glory shining from My face.

The Lord shall make His face to shine once again in Europe, Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and France and shall bind them together to pursue research in key areas of human life and forms and they shall find new forms of life. They shall be together in this and shall be a corporate body.

I am going to elevate Portugal to great heights and Lisbon shall become a city of influence for all missionary activities.

Russia shall remain quiet for sometime in the world scene before it manifests once again as a world super power. Giant leaps shall take place in sceientific advancements there. They shall also find God's peace within their shores and shall discover new resources of value. However, eventually they will rise to subdue Israel.

America shall have no shelter because it has refused to find shelter under My Word in the company of My saints. But because of its compassion to the neighbours of the world, I will surely bless it and bring resources to make it have influence. God shall reign supreme upon its larger interests in energy and its deposits of coal in the environment.

Great wealth and power shall come to it again from its northern shores as it diligently seeks friendly terms with its neighbors of influence.

Negligent attitude in America towards God's commandments will cease. American citizens shall then become radiant as people of influence travelling the far seas again from Portsmouth to Benin city.

Scouts shall go all over the north to find great resources of power. South & North Carolina(States of USA) will support God greatly and will carry the Word and Bible to the World. God's people shall reign forward from the shores of California.

There will be change in the affairs of Malaysian government. It shall welcome all people with open arms to facilitate the nation to grow as a nation of influence to protect itself from all calamities. Indonesia shall follow suit. Calamities shall then cease there.

My face shall shine on the African countries as they become men of influence.