God will keep you as a well watered garden and spring of life. Whatever you do shall prosper and nothing shall be dissuaded by the devil. The favour of the Lord will perfect everything that concerns you. This will be the year of goodness, satisfaction, abundance, restoration and prosperity.

God will select and choose your children and fill them with the Holy Spirit. Great will be the peace of your children. God will take them to great heights and fill them with His wisdom. The devil can never touch your children God will guide, lead and protect them. On one side there would be youth disapproving parental care but on the other side there will be youth seeking God and fellowship with their families.

God will give you a real focus to fulfill His will. Wonderful publications will come out in Godís word. The spirit of revelation will be tremendous in Godís ministry everywhere. Funds will flow into Godís ministry as never before. For the first time the Governmental support will be made available to ministries. Righteous leaders will rise up and influence the nation, and Godís people will have favour among the other people and they need not be afraid of any opposition rising up against them, for Godís presence will overshadow them. The devil is scheming to bring natural calamities but the Lord will protect the nation and His grace will rest upon India.

India will become strong militarily both in the national and international levels. Gospel will be taken to other nations from the Indian shores. Young people in their teens will carry the gospel to other nations and Godís message will be brought forth through CDís through Internet and using the latest communication technologies. The nation will be blessed through it.

At the same time the world will begin to hear the voice of the antichrist coming near. Slowly you will see his grip coming over the nations of the world. Many nations will feel powerless in front of him and will be deceived. New doctrines, new philosophies and new theories will emerge in support of the antichrist. Even the highest level of the society will accept it in a few nations. The youth will be greatly influenced through the television and will start a new life style, which will be anti-Christian. This new wave from the antichrist would be to separate the relationship between the parents and their children. This will be accepted as fashion and some countries where the antichrist lays his hands shall even pass laws to support it. Nations will come together and have tie-ups. There will be co-operation as never before. This will be the beginning of one world concept that will usher in the reign of antichrist.

Godís wisdom will rest upon young people, and they will come up with tremendous discoveries. According to Acts 2:17, young men and women will prophesy and see visions and the Lord will bring them to pass. Youth will begin to dominate and will gain pre-eminence in all spheres of life. Young people filled with Godís Holy Spirit will rise in the realms of Science, Sports, and Media and this will resist the power of antichrist.

This year prosperity will increase through the oil productions and oil findings. Many new countries shall become prosperous through oil and gas. New materials will be found which will help solve the environmental crises and also help in prospering the nation. Communication, information, and transportation technologies will improve. There will be an explosion of travel around the world through the latest technologies. Indian youth shall not only play a vital role in IT services but also shall bring out several new IT products of worldwide influence.

The Lord will raise groups praying for the nation ushering in the reign of the Holy Spirit all through the world that will bring down the reign of antichrist. According to Romans 10:12, 13 people without any difference will call upon the name of the Lord and will be saved. According to Zephaniah 3:9, people who call upon the name of the Lord shall be united and live in one accord. The Holy Spirit will be poured upon the land and He shall perform signs and wonders. According to Isaiah 28:11 God will pour out His Spirit without any discrimination on all people worldwide. Holy Spirit will reign supreme and the year of 2008 is declared as the year of the Holy Spirit.