Everyday hundreds and thousands of people from different walks of life come to the Prayer Tower seeking Godís divine blessing, healing and deliverance in their lives. The number of such people is increasing day by day and we are in dire need of reconstruction and expansion of Seven Prayer Towers to pray and serve the people.

The proposed Prayer Tower will be modelled and designed like Bro.D.G.S. Dhinakaran Memorial Prayer Tower in Chennai, to serve and bring blessing to thousands of people in these cities.

My beloved partner,

I firmly believe that the Lord who helped us to establish the National Prayer Tower in Delhi for the blessing of the nation and the Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran Memorial Prayer Tower in Chennai for the blessing of the people will surely help us to expand these seven Prayer Towers also through your generous help. Please do come forward spontaneously and as a family to build these Prayer Towers.

Quite a large number of prayer rooms will be built in all these Prayer Towers. It costs Rs.2,00,000/- to construct one prayer room. To enable every family to partake in building these Prayer Towers, we have fixed the following pattern of donation.

You may kindly send Rs.3,000/- for one sq. ft (You can even send it in monthly installments).

When you donate Rs.3,000/- or more your name will be inscribed in the wall of the Prayer Tower chosen by you.

A special certificate containing a promise of God will be sent to those who send donation for 2 sq. ft. or more (Rs.6,000/- or more).

When you send Rs. 60,000/- or more, your name will be inscribed in one of the prayer rooms in the Prayer Tower chosen by you.

By sending your offering, you will help us to establish these seven Prayer Towers quickly in order to wipe away the tears of millions of people and to share Godís love with them.

- Dr. Paul Dhinakaran