Jesus Calls Prayer Festivals enrich multitudes across the globe with God’s manna and transform their lives. One such meeting was held at Nellore from 12th – 14th February, 2016. Like never before God’s astounding glory filled the arena and everyone were immersed in His presence.

The students of Karunya University sand special songs and glorified the Lord who loves us.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran and Samuel Paul Dhinakaran shared God’s word.


"God's love compels us to say no to the temptations of this world" said Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran.

Our loving Lord Jesus shall accomplish all things for you according to Psalms 57:2. All you have to do is shake away your shackles and worship Him said Samuel Paul Dhinakaran and led the gathering in power packed praise and worship along with Stella Ramola.

Stella Ramola said "The shepherd is coming with you and strengthening you to do all things. So why do you worry?" and rendered a special song "Na Yesaiah", encouraging the people to take Jesus along with them wherever they go as He is everything.

While Samuel and Stella Ramola were singing "Break Every Chain" Kripa was healed of her back pain!

The meeting didn’t fall short of testimonies. Many came forward and glorified God of their healing and blessings.

God revealed the name "Sridevi" to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran freed her from demonic oppression and healed her throat.

Vasantha was pushed to commotion due to frequent deaths of her loved ones and was demon possessed. She was brought to the Jesus Calls Guntur Prayer Festival in 2015, where she was completely delivered during the prayer of Sis.Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran.

He also revealed the name "Anand Rao" to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and healed him of his spinal problem.

We praise God for all the miracles and blessings He showered on His people.