Dr.Paul Dhinakaran

As I was going through your website, I looked at the description that you had given about the Holyland Prayer Tower - Jerusalem. Guided by the Holy Spirit I began to pray for this Prayer Tower. At that time, God told me to give this message to you. God says, ''My son Paul, do not worry about the Holyland Prayer Tower - Jerusalem. I was the One who poured out food to the people of Israel when they were in the desert. I was the One who guided them and counseled them where to go and I have the power to create everything out of nothing. I will pour out money to construct the Holyland Prayer Tower - Jerusalem as I poured out food to my people in wilderness. Do not be afraid of anything. Trust Me and do this work. This is not an ordinary Prayer Tower, Paul! I have informed you that in future you will be a part of a meeting where prophets from all over the world, from different races would come together and prophecy. This meeting will happen in Holyland Prayer Tower - Jerusalem and this will happen very soon. I am the Lord. Is there anything too difficult for Me?"

Sir, this is what God told me, and I am sending this to you as the Lord our God commanded me.

---- Joshua Daniel, Chennai