Jesus Calls Prayer Towers are open to all people who seek the Living God to find solutions to their problems. Prayer intercessors at the prayer towers listen to people in distress and fervently pray for them to the God who listens to prayers and answers them. The Lord set all who seek Him sincerely free from their bondages, sickness, financial issues etc. and also blesses them with peace, joy & prosperity.

The 101st Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in the world was dedicated on the 23rd May 2016 for the blessings of people in and around Guwahati.

We invite people in and around Guwahati to visit this Prayer Tower and be blessed!

Address: Jesus Calls Prayer Centre,
M.R. Mullick Arcade,
6th Mile Khanapara,
Guwahati 781022
Mobile: 8471885771

Come and experience the love and compassion of our Lord Jesus!

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