#6) Our nation’s governance will be completely changed
Accordingly, the P.M said the new government will rise to the expectations of the people to give them a government, which is caring and which represents the best instincts of Indian quality while working for the sustained and equity development of the country and at the same time protecting its secular values and which will ensure there will be no communal hatred or violence of any kind in the land.

#7) There will be no opposition to the Government
There will be practically no opposition to the Government and the parliament will thus be able to function peacefully. The above prophesy was fulfilled in these elections. Reports say that the in the final tally, the UPA has secured 261 seats. A Senior Member of the Congress party said, “The Congress has come out of these elections as the single largest party. The allies of the party are united and intact.” Hon’ble Chief Minister Mayawati confirmed that, “The UP government will offer support to the Congress party from outside” Former Chief Minister, Mr. Kumarasamy said that his party would offer support from the outside.

#8) Young leaders with zeal to perform and to bring growth to the nation would be placed in positions of power
The prophesy that many young candidates would win in this 15th general elections was fulfilled. According to news reports, in the new parliament, among the MPs’, 40 of them are below the age of 40. Many of these young MPs’ have been drawn into politics being inspired by the dynamic and exuberant leadership of Shri. Rahul Gandhi, M.P. The prophecy about Rahul Gandhi that he would lead the youth of this nation was fulfilled through the letter dated 10th July 2008.

#9) Wealth will increase in the nation of India.
In these days when the whole world is facing a global meltdown, India will be able to accrue wealth. In this regard, the very next day after the results of the elections were announced, the Sensex created history by rising above 2111 points within a few seconds and it thus forced the authorities to suspend trading for the day. This has greatly boosted the confidence of the investors in the share markets.

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