#1) “The elections will be conducted in a peaceful manner. “
Accordingly, the news reports said that polling was by and large peaceful in all the ………. constituencies in the country.

#2) “The Lord showed me that many of the candidates would win by an overwhelming majority.” Paul further stated that the candidates who won would do so by an tremendous majority providing ample proof that he or she had been chosen by God and would thus be elevated by Him.
News reports say that many of the candidates won by an overwhelming majority of votes. To quote just one example, Ms. Jayasudha, M.P won by a huge majority of votes and immediately thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for her massive victory.

#3) The P.M. would be a man of peace.
When Dr. Manmohan Singh was declared as the Prime Minister of India, the U.S. President Barrack Obama remarked that he was a wise and decent person.” Many other top leaders of other parties also stated that Dr. Manmohan Singh was a man of peace and when he comes to power there will be peace and tranquility in the country.

#4) The 2009 elections will usher in new system of governance.
In fulfillment of the above prophesy, the Congress government came up with the new idea of 1 minister, 1 ministry formula. The government is keen on implementing this new formula in governing the nation. Through this formula, the government hopes to bring many of its allies into the ministry through which the people will benefit greatly. Performance and improved governance are the formulas of the new government. The PM himself will review the performance of each ministry to ensure that the government meets the expectations of the people.

#5) The formation of the new government would be such that unless the minister performs, he /she will be dropped.
In fulfillment of the above prophesy, a news report said that the P.M. and Sonia Gandhi have decided to give a clean governance to the people and candidates with a criminal record will not find a place in the cabinet.

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