By your support, after my father entered into glory, we paved ways for the first ever Prayer Tower in Chennai, to be established in a new structure as Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran Memorial Prayer Tower. Presently, thousands of people visit the Prayer Tower every day and owing to the limited space in the Prayer Tower Auditorium they are forced to stand outside the auditorium and in the car parking area. Hence we are now demolishing and expanding the old buildings in the back side of the Prayer Tower with the plan to allot more space for PRAYER ROOMS, CHAPEL, BOOK STALL expanding the AUDITORIUM. Through this more number of people could participate in the prayer and be blessed. We need 600 million (Rs. 6 crores) for the expansion of this Prayer Tower.

When Nehemiah announced to the people of Israel, "Let us build the gates of Jerusalem”, they set their hands to do that according to their capacity saying, "Let us rise up and build."(Nehemiah 2:17,18). When the children of Israel brought a freewill offering to the LORD, for the work of the tabernacle of meeting and for all its service, the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done; indeed too much (Exodus 35:5, 21,22, 29; 36: 7).

Testimony : First Months Salary to the Prayer Tower

My daughter is a Jesus Calls Young Partner. When she completed her B.E and was waiting for a Job, I made a prayer of vow that I would donate her first month's salary to the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower, if God blessed her with a job in a good company. Accordingly she got a good job. We are so happy. As per my vow, I have sent the offering to build the prayer tower. Thanks to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran who prayer for my daughter. Millions of thanks to the Lord - R. Mohanavalli Rangaswamy, Trichy

My beloved partner,

My dear partner, I kindly invite you to be a part of this Prayer Tower plan and be blessed. I Kindly request every earning member of your family or those who do business in your family to give one day/ one month salary or one day income or a portion of the profit or Rs.3,000/- per Square feet for this good work and help us raise up this Prayer Tower.

You may kindly send Rs.3,000/- for one sq. ft (You can even send it in monthly installments).

When you donate Rs.3,000/- or more your name will be inscribed in the wall of the Prayer Tower chosen by you.

A special certificate containing a promise of God will be sent to those who send donation for 2 sq. ft. or more (Rs.6,000/- or more).

- Dr. Paul Dhinakaran