Chains of Bondages Broken by the Power Of God!

Sis. Bashanti, her son Mahesh is 20yrs old. From the past 2 years he was abnormal. She spent much in his medication but he was not healed. She used to chain him to prevent him from running away. Many times he ran away from home and he use to roam around different city. Mrs. Bashanti had a hard time to bring him back home. Because she was having financial problem it was difficult for her to manage the treatment of her son. In that juncture she heard about the Jeypore Prayer Festival of Jesus Calls Ministry, where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was coming to pray for the broken hearted people. With much faith and expectation, she brought Mahesh to the prayer festival bounding him with chain. During the Meeting he was trying to run away, Mrs. Bashanti had a hard time to control him and keep him near the stage. On the last day of the Prayer Festival by the power of the Holy Spirit during the prayer Dr. Paul Dhinakaran said "Today God will create new brain for all abnormal children". That time the power of the Lord descended upon Mahesh and he said to his mother "Maa I am healed and I want to testify". Mrs. Bashanti was shocked to hear her son speaking normally with clarity. Before that he never use to speak or call her mother as Maa. Immediately she rushed to the stage with Mahesh and testified before Lakhs of people gathered in Jeypore Prayer Festival. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran asked his name and how he is feeling, he replied,
"I am Mahesh and am feeling nice". All glory and honor to Lord Jesus Christ.

Miraculously healed by the Name of God!

His daughter Mithila is 14yrs old. From her childhood, she was physically very weak and Mr. Ananad spent much in her treatment but everything went in vain. From past 4yrs she became so weak that she was even unable to walk. Her mother used to carry her to the toilet. Because of the financial crisis they couldn’t afford any more treatment for Mithila. She couldn’t go to school anymore. When she used to see her friends going to school she used to cry before her mother. The whole family was in tears. In that juncture Mr. Anand heard about Jeypore prayer festival where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was coming to pray for the broken hearted people. On the first day of the Prayer Festival, Mr. Anand carried Mithila and was praying with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for the healing of his daughter. That time by the power of the Holy Spirit Dr. Paul Dhinakaran said “Rise up and walk in Jesus name”. That time the power of the Holy Spirit descended upon her and her legs were strengthened, she jumped and stood up. Seeing this miracle Mr. Anand was in tears and immediately rushed to the stage and testified before lakhs of people in Jeypore Prayer Festival. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran asked Mithila “Who has healed you”. She replied, “Lord Jesus has healed me and I will go to school one again”. She was running on the stage with joy. All glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

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