Jesus Calls Young Partners Plan

"Truly I am blessed", "I have won", "No Fear", "My Future is secure", these are the repeated words of Young Partners across the globe.

Enrol as a young partner and enjoy God's favour. If you are already a Young Partner, we thank you as you continue to support the ministry each month through the Young partner’s plan and help to wipe away the tears of millions. As prayers are offered for you daily in the Prayer Tower as you give, God will return all the blessings manifold to you as the millions of people receive their blessings because of you. You will increase a thousand times (Isaiah 60:22, Deu. 1:11).

Here is a Young Partner narrating her achievement...

We have been partners for several years with the ‘Jesus Calls’ Ministry. As we reside near the Vanagaram Prayer Tower in Chennai, we used to go for the meetings conducted in the Prayer Tower, especially the Promise Meeting conducted on the first day of the month whenever we found time and the Lord has been continuously blessing our family. My younger son Alan Rohith is a Young Partner of ‘Jesus Calls’. He is doing his final year of graduation in a college at Chennai. This September, he was to participate in the weight lifting category at the University Level sports competition. There was a chance for him to be selected for the All India Level Competitions if he won at the University Level. So, we went to the Vanagaram Prayer Tower for prayers before he went for the competition. The Lord approved our prayer and by His grace, He enabled him to win the gold medal in the 105 Kg category at the University Level. We came in person to the Prayer Tower and testified about the goodness that the Lord had granted to our son. By the time we were leaving after our testimony, we received the news that he was also selected for the All India Level Competitions. We thank the Lord for bestowing His grace upon our son’s life, him being a Young Partner.

- Latha Wilson, Porur, Chennai.

“...I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring” (Isaiah 44:3)

Privileges of being a Young Partner:

  • Fervent prayers of Dhinakarans every day.
  • The prayer intercessors at the 24x7 Prayer Tower will pray calling out the names of the Young Partners every day, claiming God’s promise as assured in I Chronicles 4:10.
  • A special gift at the time of enrolment.
  • A certificate will be sent on completion of the donation, Rs. 3000
  • A special birthday card will be sent from the Dhinakarans.
  • Prayer Intercessors will call and pray on their birthday.
  • A promise verse will be sent every day through SMS.

You can also send your photos to ypp@jesuscalls.org with your name, date of birth and mobile number.

1800 425 7755 / 044-33 999 000