Christmas is fast approaching and we can feel the warmth of it already since it reminds us of Chris's unconditional love towards us. Yes. Jesus loves you so much and wants you to enjoy a life of abundance (John 14:14). He promises you, "I am with you" (Isaiah 41:10). So get strengthened in the Lord.

From the beginning, we find in the Bible instances of God honouring those who honoured HIM through their offerings. Abel was honoured by God for offering his best (Genesis 4:4,5); Noah's thanksgiving offering, after the floods, pleased the heart of God and His favour returned upon humanity again (Genesis 8:20,21). Likewise you have been pleasing the heart of God through your righteous living, through your love for His saints and HIS ministry (Philemon 1:5) and through your generous giving towards the Jesus Calls Ministry even amidst your own personal needs and problems. God will certainly honour you as He promises in I Samuel 2:30 "Those who honour Me I will honour".

The Year 2017 is going to be a glorious year for God's children - of Blessings and Fulfillment. It will be a glorious year for you too. God will bring answers to all your prayers and reward you in thousands. I believe that this is going to happen in the Jesus Calls Ministry also. God will enlarge the vision even more and will expand the territories of the ministry so that more souls will experience Christ's love and their sorrows will turn into joy. As always I would say that we could not have come thus far without your continued prayers and financial assistance.

I believe that as we begin the year 2017 giving our best to the Lord; honouring Him with our firstfruits - it maybe a dayís salary or a month's salary it doesn't matter; (it is the heart that matters to the Lord). When we give it with thanksgiving just like Noah and his family did, I am sure the Lord will be pleased to open the windows of heaven and pour out His richest blessings upon you; You will see Godís promises and blessings getting fulfilled in 2017. Your own eyes will witness it.

I believe that God will strengthen your hands to continue your support and will lead you onto the path of your breakthrough as you are already leading the millions to their path of recovery. Remember HOPE starts with you.

God bless you. Have a joyful Christmas and a Blessed 2017!