The Bethesda Prayer Centre houses - The Seven Stations of the cross depicting the sufferings of Christ, the Vision Spot where a security guard had an encounter with God, Bethesda pool with five porches, a Dome Chapel for meditation, a counselling prayer centre, a children's park and a canteen among others. Located adjacent to the Karunya University, it has also been a blessing to over 10,000 students and staff of the University too.
After serving over 30 lakh people in the last 3 decades, the infrastructure at Bethesda needs to be updated and renovated to several millions who will be visiting the location in the future.

We are providing you a unique opportunity to build God's house and be a blessing to the millions, and as you do so the Lord Himself will build your home.

- The Dhinakarans, and thousands of prayer intercessors will be praying for you and your family every day.
- The names of those who contribute towards the Bethesda Prayer rooms will be displayed in the Prayer rooms.
- The names of those who contribute towards the renovation work of the Pathway for prayer and meditation will be displayed on the name boards hung on either sides of the trees in the pathway

You can contribute